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Nov-Dec 2011
Mary Shurtleff

Greetings and Salutations From Mary

What a month this has been!! I crashed two computers, my cell phone, two date Internet cards, and my printer. I lost all my past school and work data with the computer crashes. It appears the data had been corrupted and since we don’t know which data it was, I have been advised not to reload anything onto my computer from any external hard drives or flash drives. (The second crash came when I was reloading an external hard drive). Crazy!

I have been feeling for a while, the universe wants me to travel new paths and approach things from a new directions. I NOW have no choice; I am literally starting over from scratch with everything. I have decided to take an undetermined sabbatical from my clients and classes to regroup and write. This will be my last newsletter until further notice.

I am going to take a few months to go through my work, reorganize, and decide what is really important for me to keep to lead me in THAT new direction. The rest, I am going to let go. My next book, A New Normal, may have to take on a new embodiment as well. I am hoping it is still meant to be especially since I lost its data in the crash, as well.

Lately, I feel as though fire is flying from my fingertips and I can’t get it turned off. When I work with clients they tell my hands and body presence feels hot. So, please wish me well, and pray that I find what it is I am too discover either about energy, just life, or myself!! Thank you. Well enough of me.

Wow, it is hard to believe November and December is upon us. I can’t believe how fast this last year has gone by. I will not be doing a Chinese New Year Class for the year 2012, but I will make an e-book available to those who wish to purchase one. I hope to have the book available by the end of December. You will be notified when it is ready.

I would, however, like to tell you a little about next year to get your creative juices flowing. Next year will be the year of the Water Dragon and money and opportunities can flow to those who get their ducks in a row. The dragon is the luckiest of all zodiac animals. He is full of life, optimism, and luck. The water is symbolic of money and going with the flow. So next year we may see a lot of windfall money and jobs of opportunity opening in our economy.

This opportunity will flow for those who are actively attempting to move ahead. So with that said, “Get your head in the right place with positive creative manifesting ideas. The alchemy of money is created from the mind’s ideas. You are what you think.”

Also, the #6 annual flying star flies to the center of the ba-gua bringing with it opportunities of power and authority. We may see power struggles again next year but it again could be people no longer willing to be lead by their weaknesses but lead by their own power. This is your chance to take your own reins. Do your homework. Make it happen.

This last year I heard a lot of blaming of the economy, the government, the health care system, etc, etc for all the bad things that were happening. Yes, bad things happened. Some people genuinely needed help, however, I saw others using the system as a reason not to be productive. I saw some people sucking dry the system and/or the companies they work for hurting those who truly need the help.  It is easy to blame and point fingers but many survived the crisis because of their dedication to their goals. Get off the pity pot if you have had your head in the toilet and look up. Look up to God and your higher self and realize opportunity is all around you. You deserve some of it. Don’t get caught up in the energy of the naysayers. Again, you are what you think.  Rise up in your personal power, access our higher self and knowledge, and allow fire to fly from your fingertips!!

This country was made great by immigrants from all over the world who carved a niche for themselves. They worked long hard hours and some became very successful. Life got easy in the United States and children got spoiled. The universe is asking us to redefine who we are and what we stand for. Time for everyone to play their role in making their lives great again.

This next year the Water Dragon will smile upon those who work hard and stay focused. It is time to develop that goal and outcome. Place a blue dragon in your SE starting in December. Place it in a running fountain if possible for windfall luck.

Disclaimer: These aspects are strictly the opinion, research, and observations of Mary Shurtleff and are no way to be used as fact but only insight. Use you own common sense to discover what is right for you.

Thursday, November 10 at 3:16 pm is the Full moon occurring just before the 11/11/11 gateway. Sit down and make a list of those thing that you wish to bring into your life. Be specific. Don’t ask to win the lottery, ask that windfall money find you. Don’t ask to lose weight—ask for a healthy lifestyle with more motivation and energy. Don’t ask to quit fighting for your husband or wife—ask for a harmonious home and relationship. Don’t ask to be healed—ask that the body always be healthy and strong functioning at a natural rhythm according to God’s plan. Get the idea. Focus on the goal, not the problem. You are what you think.

Then on the 11/11/11 take a minute and go inside your head and body and ask that all body energies balance in perfect harmony with the earth and heaven. That mind, body, and spirit align with God’s source energy to bring you heaven and peace on earth to find your life’s path and purpose, prosperity, and happiness.  Ask for world peace. It is done.

Feng Shui Monthly Aspects for November and December

For November

The month, the money star flies to the Center of the Ba-gua bringing with it chances of increases in wealth.  Place citrine stones and water in the Center of the home to enhance this factor.  Place a number 8 or the infinity symbol on its side in this area as well. Be aware of the annual star of robbery and backstabbing in the center of the home so do not take uncalculated risks with money this month. Beware of competition that tries to undermine you. Place a blue elephant or rhino in this area or pack it on your body.

This month the #9 of expansion luck flies to the Northwest bringing with it increased chance of prosperity luck. Place money symbols in the Northwest, such as a red three-legged toad or 9 coins tied on a string. Make sure your citrine stones are cleaned and dusted off and fountain water clear. Continue to place water and lighting in this sector of the home to bring forth illumination on ideas of money making nature.

The #1 of Career flies to the West to join the #9 of expansion bringing promotions and good fortune to the Rooster and anyone with a West Facing door.  Anyone can take advantage of this energy by activating the West sector of his or her home. A turtle or frog symbolic of water can be placed in this area. The water and fire do weaken the metal of the West, so we may see some weakened lung issues crop up this month on a worldwide basis. Be careful-take care of lung health.

This month, the #2 black earth star flies to the Northeast of the ba-gua possibly bringing with it an increase in illness to the stomach.  The ox and tiger may feel more stomach upset this month.  Place a wu-lou, calabash or medicine Buddha in your bedroom to appease the #2 star. Be sure to activate the #1 star with water and metal coins. Use red crystal hearts here to promote good relationships of the NE.

The #3 of conflicts flies to the South reeking havoc on the Horse and business fame. Place a green elephant on its side in this area to help with communication skills and offset conflict.  If your front door or bedroom is in this area, remember to exercise regularly to burn off that excess emotion and energy. Place a red Buddha in this area to offset the strong wood aspect. Keep this area quiet. No wind chimes or running water. Still water is okay. This month is you are situated in the South, be kind, watch your words. Don’t go looking for a fight, you will find one.

Place 4 bamboos in water in the North of your home or office this month to activate the #4 academic star for insight. This is a good time to journal and write. Place the crystal globe here for clarity in writing and speech. For romance luck, place peonies and mandarin ducks in this area.  Since there is a lot of wood energy in this area, we may see too much hyperactive energy causing conflict. Place a red crystal or red Buddha in this area to burn off the wood.  The rat, rabbit, sheep, and pig need to be careful of conflict and extra martial affairs in the peach blossom of the North. Don’t do anything stupid that will result in conflict or loss of reputation.

The #5 of instability flies to the Southwest this month. Place new salt water in the Southwest of the home this month to stabilize the home or business. You can also depress the #5 with statues of metal in this area. Place 6 Chinese Coins in the East for power and authority. Be sure to place a NEW salt water cure.

The #7 of instability flies into the Southeast of the home bringing instability to financial matters this month. Display the blue Elephant and Rhino to protect against backstabbing and legal entanglement. You may also place a bowl of blue detergent in this area to offset the metal. Place 6 peacock feathers here for protection of health and wealth. Be sure to have your annual 6 Chinese coins in place.

December Aspects

This month the energy of the monthly flying stars matches up with the annual flying stars bringing you doubly auspicious luck or doubly inauspicious luck. Go back and reread the Golden Rabbit eBook and place adjustments as you would the annual stars.

For those without the e-book--Place a bowl of blue detergent in the center of the home with a blue elephant or rhino to offset negative metal energy.

In the Northwest to bring in the AUSPICIOUS #8 wealth energy place citrine stones and water in the Center of the home to enhance this factor. Place a number 8 or the infinity symbol on its side in this area as well.

In the West of the home place extra lighting and 9 Chinese Coins tied together with a red string for promotions, victories, and celebrations.

In the Northeast of the home for career luck place water and colorful birds bringing news of opportunities.  You may also hang a 6-rod wind chime to support the earth #8 of the NE and enhance the water #1 energy.

In the South, place a laughing Buddha and a wu lou to offset negative energy.

In the North, place a coin sword to protect money from conflict. Place a red Buddha to offset personal conflicts. Use lighting in this area to illuminate the situation of concern.

In the Southwest, place crystals and/or globes to activate the #4 of academic ability and for romance place mandarin ducks and peonies. Be sure to place a new salt-water adjustment in the East. Also place strong metal such as a metal pagoda or metal statues of Kwan Kung, fu dogs, ki luns to offset energy.

In the Southeast, place 6 Chinese Coins on a red string for prosperity luck. Be sure to place your blue dragon water feature to begin the WATER DRAGON year of 2012 with the right stuff!!

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas.

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Peace be with you. Love M.



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