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The Year of the Earth Pig---2019

The New Year is upon us!!! The Earth Pig is ushered in December 21 st with theYear of the pig Winter Solstice.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated in the spring at the first New Moon on the Calendar year but Pig energy has already arrived by that time.

This year the New Moon occurs on February 5, 2019, Beijing Time. Beijing is ahead of PST 16 hours. That time adjusts our Chinese New Year to February 4, 2019. However, as a way to keep it simple, we all celebrate the same day. If you are a serious Four Pillar profile practitioner, those hours become very important to a Four Pillar personalized chart.

The 2019 Earth Boar is inherently the beginning of the water cycle and the ending of the elemental earth cycle. The earth over water combo in the I-Ching means army. The water stirring beneath the earth is gathering energy. In the year of the Earth Boar it will become important to stay centered in your truth and not be recruited by the wrong army. This collective force will require strategy to balance your needs with respect for the needs of others. The world has become too self absorbed with a lack of respect. The yin earth may bring
a more caring energy to the chaos.

Sadly, since this is also an ending cycle, we could see more people fighting for what they believe is right as a desperate attempt to win. It will make or break many relationships and ideologies. These armies may again organize with violence. Please choose peace!!

The Water energy inherent to the Boar may help to cleanse the emotions and bring a more peaceful outcome. Water is also abundance and prosperity. This
may be a good money year for everyone to prosper. We may see an increase in money through real estate this year. It is a good year to buy and sell. Water is creative energy. Use your mind to create prosperity this year.

This year many may again chose to go with the flow. The elements of the year are better balanced than they have been in years. This may bring a good balance to all the animal signs. Since Spirit energy is low this year in most of the animals, stay in places that uplift you and out of the drama of the naysayers and those who seek to depress you.

Since it is an ending cycle and beginning cycle, we may see more divorces and relationship changes, job changes, friendship changes, suicides and deaths. Many may chose to take the number to check out early. Water is birth, death, and rebirth.

Fire is a wealth source this year. Use extra lighting to illuminate all that is dark. Also place Boar figurines on your desk on a lighted stand to activate your
subconscious abundance. Large ceramic wealth vases at the front door will active the Earth/Water elements too. This year display your crystals and stones. They are very powerful this year. Do your studies of the stones to
guide your being.

The water energy may cause you to want to ride the waves and take risks in the abyss. Be sure to stay grounded in common sense and the earth energy of the year. Take calculated risks or well thought out moves.

The prosperity Flying Star also flies to the center of the home bringing abundance. Place things in the center of the home that your wish to manifest this year. Place clear and red crystals in the center of the home this year to activate the wealth element of fire.

The Boar energy will also dominate the year. Each Zodiac animal has pros and cons to their being.

Legend says that a child was born with a brilliant future. Seers of the future predicted this child would be shrouded in riches. His parents doted and spoiled the child. In the child’s later years, he squandered the family fortune and died penniless. Upon his death, the emperor damned him to be reincarnated as a Pig and live his life by “Feeding upon the chaff.” The chief assistant to the Emperor mistakenly thought the emperor had appointed the final animal and declared the Pig, the twelfth animal of the Zodiac.

The Pig through the years redeemed himself and became a symbol of intelligence, money in the bank, good humor, and all the comforts of the home; thus making the Pig a symbol of completion and celebration. The Pig has become a symbol of contentment. They always have everything they need. The Pig is usually very successful because of his/her hard work and ability to
problem resolve conflict. This makes the year of 2019, a year of victory and celebration with the water prosperity and earth grounding aspect.

However…. when a pig zodiac is out of balance they will sell their soul to the devil for the materialistic world. Pig people may be overly indulgent, lazy, and indifferent to the larger picture of a situation at hand. They can be very ‘me’
oriented much like the spoiled child in the Zodiac story that was reincarnated as a Pig. This aspect may cause people in 2019 to become indifferent to the plight of others. Be aware when you feel that tendency of selfishness kick in and look
at the larger picture.

Pig people do believe in honor, sincerity, toleration, and innocent enthusiasm, sometimes to the point of gullibility. They hate conflict may tend to bury their heads and play victim instead of taking responsibility for their part in the conflict. They have a tendency to lie and feel sorry for themselves when thing don’t go their way. This characteristic may cause anger and jealousy to rear its ugly head. Only the ‘fraidy hole of the home and earth element can bring the pig back into balance. Surround yourself with crystals and stones this year for strength and grounding.

The Pig likes others to take care of them and must learn independence and self-reliance.

This year balance yourself with water, earth and fire to find your mojo. Start now by clearing all those things you wish to let go and start clearing the way for a new 60-year cycle.


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