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2018 Year of the Dogdog year

Which Dog Will You Feed


For eons of time, soothsayers believe the animals speak to us and look to the animals for insight and answers from God. The Chinese Zodiac animals are believed to hold the keys to success in the New Year when you understand them.

The Chinese New Year is commemorated on two different days. The Solar New Year or Astrological New Year, which governs the times of the four pillar astrology charts, begins on February 4th of each year.  
The traditional Chinese New Year is a floating day and is celebrated on the second new moon of the year. This year 2018, the Chinese New Year and the Earth Dog will occur on February 16, 2018 at 5:05 AM Beijing time, which translate to February 15, Yin Fire Rooster2018 at 1:05, Pacific Time or 4:05 PM, Eastern Standard Time.  

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Year of the dog -- Rituals and Advice from the Chinese Zodiac

Additional Information

2018 Ba-gua and 2018 Monthly Flying stars

Review of the Last Few Years:
Last year was a rodeo ride. The Rooster strutted his/her stuff with loud crowing, (screaming) demanding attention and exposing many lies, secrets, and deceptions.

Harnessing the Energy of the Earth Dog
A bit of caution going into the dog year. The dog has two types of personalities.

Meditation of the Dog Year Ahead:
Each year before the year begins, I sit down, close my eyes, and ask the universe to show me what the year may hold. This year, I sat down and closed my eyes, I instantly saw a pack of wolves running through the snow, struggling against the weight of all they were up against.

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