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Harnessing the Energy of the Earth Dog

A bit of caution going into the Dog year. The dog has two types of personality. The can be compliant or vicious. They can be a housedog or a junkyard dog. Which dog will you feed? Your choice. 

This year’s chart has a balance of yin and yang…feminine and masculine, so we may see both emerge, depending upon the situation. We may see more respect for gender equality benefiting everyone. 

This year, dominated by the Wood element of absorption and nurturing combined with Dog energy, may set up the year ‘s energy for more compassion and caring.
The animals within the year’s four pillar astrology are Rabbit and Tiger. The Tiger is Dog’s ally and the Rabbit is Dog’s secret friends. This is a trilogy combo that can bring peace, cooperation, and friendly alliances, if you want it bad enough. Peace isn’t magic and must be practiced. It can’t be expected from others, but must be projected by you! Again, the question at the beginning of this paragraph….which dog will you feed? Good or evil?

This year is short on metal. Be sure to add extra metal in the form of metal statues, coins, electronics, vitamins, and metal objects to your environment to increase prosperity. Add the colors of gold, silver, brass to the home. Place metallic gold colored rocks at your front door or in your front yard to bring in the essence of the lacking metal. Wear more gold and dress in more bling. Women should wear gold earrings and bangles.

The Dog favors authority so it may be a bad year to buck the system. This year there may be penalties and consequences for any wrongdoings. It may serve you well to follow the rules this year. This year we may see the contempt for authority and law enforcement dissipate and a respect restored as people recognize the need for the common sense the dog energy. Instinct is high this year, pay attention to your inner voice and block out the external crazy chatter of the naysayer.

For career luck this year carry with you or display at your desk the Jade Emperor amulet or picture. The Emperor is known to help manifest mentor lucks for those who need help with success. The Emperor is a powerful symbol helping those who are vulnerable to attack by the bureaucracy.

The Three Killings reside in the North this year with the #5. The Rat and the North facing houses are vulnerable to accident and injury. Place heavy salt water in this area with a blue rhino and blue elephant. Also place a large plant and water in this area. Put the three Chi Lins in this North facing the North. Keep the North free of noisy DOGS. No digging or renovations in the North this year. No wind chimes or moving objects. Place objects of quiet meditation here—an Angel, Buddha, Kwan Yin.

Place a Pi Yao in the Northwest this year with it’s back to the Northwest. Place a Sigal with the words AH OH HUM on the front door, in the North, in Northwest, and in the West this year to ward off all evil.

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