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Meditation of the Dog Year Ahead

Each year before the year begins, I sit down, close my eyes, and ask the universe to show me what the year may hold. This year, I sat down and closed my eyes, I instantly saw a pack of wolves running through the snow, struggling against the weight of all they were up against.
They knew as a pack they could survive. Anytime one wolf tried to take off by him/her self, they had to return to the pack because it was too hard on their own. They needed the hierarchy of the pack—the Alpha, the Beta, and the Omega to survive. I once read a book called The Wisdom of the Wolf by Twyman Towery, which was about the behaviors of the wolf and how they survived extinction due to the order of the pack and pack rules that kept them alive.

From this vision I received the message that if man is too survive he must act like the wolf and respect the hierarchy. In a lifetime we learn. We take that lesson and practice it. Once we have practiced it and become a master of it, we teach it.

The wolf operates in the same way. The pack has the lowest member called the omega. He has been the grunt and had to learn the hard way. Many times an omega must leave the pack or s/he dies from abuse or loneliness. Once on his own, his survival instincts will set in to find a new pack or die alone. Sometimes, the omega will form the new pack with other omegas, where one of them will become the Alpha or Beta positions and the others are middle pack as they work their way up the pack.

In human society we also have the Alphas. Those who have worked their way up the pack to leader and mentor; we have the Betas, who are still working their way up the ladder but need the help of the Alpha and the pack to prosper; and then we have the Omegas. The Omegas are the laborers, the workers, or the perceived downtrodden —the grunts.

These Omegas have the ability to stay in the pack of which they belong and stay status quo or leave the pack and build a new life. If you recall, this year is about opposites and dualities— the good and the evil, the strong and the weak, and those who are willing to stay status quo or those who are wanting to challenge the Alpha or climb the ladder. For those who wish to excel, carry the Jade Emperor amulet in your pocket or place an image on your desk.  

This years theme will be about family and sticking together when the going gets rough. Reconnect with family members and find peace and harmony in the small things. Take a moment and sit on the porch with your feet up or take a nap in the sunshine in a hammock. Mock the characteristics of the laid back dog. Have a great year.

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