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Review of the Last Few Years

Last year was a rodeo ride. The Rooster strutted his/her stuff with loud crowing, (screaming) demanding attention, and exposing many lies, secrets, and deceptions. Many people were bucked off their highfalutin ladders. And other held on for dear life as the hits kept coming at them with slander and accusations. We saw many ups and downs with people jockeying for positions, while others fell from grace—personally and professionally. Thankfully, this year of the calmer Earth Dog, the healing can begin.

The last six years, with the animal/element combinations, we endured an ebb and flow of instability. The Water Dragon of 2012 started the six year cycle of water, wood,(air), and fire catalyst movement for change. Each of these elements brought forth changes that shifted, changed, grew, and transformed energy. The movement was so fast people barely had time to adjust before the next wave hit them.

The Water Dragon started a pattern of opportunity and chance. Water teaches us mentality began the birth of radical change of chance, meaning more risk takers and doing things outside the status quo.

The next year of the Yin Water Snake 2013 was a year of mental manifesting and metaphysical change. The Snake sheds his skin many times in his lifetime and with this energy people felt that desire to change. The water energy helped people cleanse the old and prepare for the new. Many changes occurred that year within households, governments, and religion.

The next year of the Yang Wood Horse was about strictly movement and change. The Horse is an independent animal and the Wood energy is growth and transforms into passion. We saw many people quitting mainstream living and taking chances on change. Much upheaval occurred in 2014.

In 2015, the Yin Wood Sheep gave us some relief from the hyperbole, but a new trend emerged. The sheep will follow each other off the cliff. Human’s thinking seemed to go from the independence of Horse energy to the ‘Sheeple’ mentality, where it was easier to follow than lead. The leaders prospered that year. People seemed tired from all the movement energy of the past years and seemed content to let others do all the work while they simply followed.

The next year, 2016 the Yang Fire Monkey was full of unpredictability and chaos. The fire energy illicits passion and change. Trump became president that year in a fury of controversy. Chaos seemed to erupt everywhere.

Then came the Fire Rooster energy of 2017. With the Rooster fire energy and Trump at the helm encouraging people to stand up and fight for traditional America, the divisions in family, government, and friends came out and many parted ways. The energy of the last six years had reached a peak. Many people begin experiencing anxiety and depression in droves. I saw even the most stable, buckle to the pressure.

Hence, the year of the stable Yang Earth Dog—2018—arrives. The dog is loyal, faithful, calm, wise, and full of instinct. This year will be calmer, more harmonious, and more grounded than the past six years have been, if you play your cards right and think like a dog.

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