March Update for Flying Stars

Wow, March is already here. It seems according to the weather it has come in like a lion and hopefully will leave a a lamb. As predicted we are seeing increased weather patterns of moisture, wind in the form of tornados, and earthquakes. This trend will last through the year depending on the place the stars flies.

The month of March the instability energy flies to the SE, South, and SW. Protect this sector of the home with extra salt water and blue detergent in a large vase in each corner of the SE, South, and SW.  You may also use a salt lamp. The South this month has a strong tendency to be confrontational. Do no business or relationship negotiations in the South. It will only be more aggressive.

The SW is especially vulnerable to this aggressive unstable energy. Woman, the Monkey,  and Sheep need to be careful this month in business and legal papers as well as their physical well-being. Don’t take un-calculated risks this month with your health or money. Relationships may suffer. In the Southeast, beware of the con man and theft. The Snake and the Dragon need to be especially careful to not fall into gullibility. All that glitters is not gold.

This month be careful traveling in a Southern direction. Watch for accident, thief, and injury. Carry the OM AH HUM symbol in your purse or car or pocket. You may also place Peacock feather around your home as a symbol of protection.

Money will be good this month. The East, West, and Center will be good for money. Place water and gold colors  in the center of the home this month. Place crystal and yellow citrine in the East with your 6 coins or ingots to feel your power and facilitate your money and promotions.

The NW and NE have the illness star in these sectors. Drink plenty of water this month and exercise, and get your rest. Learn to have as much fun as you do work. This  is not the month to take risks with your health.  Men need to be especially careful of injury or accident. Place a wu-lou, a happy Buddha, or a spiritual deity of your belief, such as a Jesus, Madonna, or God in this space with a prayer of protection.

Tibetan Prayer:
If one meditates on the Medicine Buddha, one will eventually attain
enlightenment, but in the meantime one will experience an increase in
healing powers both for oneself and others and a decrease in physical
and mental illness and suffering.—Lama Tashi Namgy

Christian Prayer:
If you wish to invite Jesus into your home you may do the following

In the name of Jesus I command the illness/affliction of _____ to be
healed. It is done. It is done. It is done. (Say this several times a day)

Place  a Tree of Life or Longevity Cranes  in the NE  of the home to keep family and health intact.

The NE is also good for academic achievement this month. Place bamboo or plants  in this area for growth. Also you may place pink flowers in this sector to uplift the spirit.

The North is excellent for promotions and good fortune. Place a metal wind chime in the North this month with 6 coins attached to it. Also add wind to this area in the form of the Windhorse or prayer flags.  Get that energy moving.

May you be happy and prosper this month. Namaste


oh ah hum

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#2 of Illness in physical or emotional relationship in the Northeast

The #2 of Illness flies to the Northeast affecting NE facing homes, the Ox and the Tiger.

The #2 of Illness, is symbolic of disease, or discomfort brought on by accident, injury, virus/bacteria or by emotions from our relationship to the world. These emotions, if allowed to remain dormant in the body, may eventually manifest in a physical illness. In Feng Shui, we seek to balance job with play, child with mother, brother with sister, money with mindset, health with stress, etc. As an adjunct to this book, I recommend you buy the book, Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay, a small handbook identifying emotions that may cause physical manifestation of illness.

Always use Water to clear the toxins from the body, mind, and spirit. Literally flood the spirit with cleansing tears or laughter to move the emotions from the body. Drink extra Water, swim, and take cleansing Epsom salts and lavender baths or apple cider vinegar baths. Pure essential oils of Frankincense and Orange dispersed in the air can clear the home of toxins and uplift the energy.

SIDENOTE: I am not a doctor, so always check with your health care provider if you should have any questions about the health of your body.

Remove all red from the #2  NE  area of the home. Place a pair of gold colored or Metal Longevity Cranes in the #2 of the NE of your home to bring long life and peace to your heart. Sing, dance, and laugh,

Place two giraffe figurines, which are symbolic of strong heart chi strength and flexibility of emotions, in the NE of the home. The giraffe reminds us all to ‘have heart.’ The giraffe’s heart may weigh up to 29 pounds and is about 2 feet long. It pumps three times more efficiently than the human heart. The giraffe is symbolic of the connection between the lower (body) and higher realms (neck). They have the ability to see far away which makes them an animal of intuition. This ability to trust your intuition can bring about peace of mind, flexibility, and freedom from afflictions on the physical realm.

To safeguard health, place a Metal Pagoda, a Metal Calabash, a Metal Wu-lou or Sigil in the #2 of the home. Place a calabash or wu-lou by your bed as well. Display the Sigil with the words OH AH HUM at your front door. Smudge your home regularly with sage or spray a mixture of 5 drops Frankincense and 10 drops Orange essential oils mixed in a spray bottle of 8 ounces of purified water.Image_129 For Spiritual attunement, always display a Buddha, Jesus, Kwan Yin or any deity, symbol or picture that brings you peace.

Remember to keep the body healthy with eight hours of rest, exercise,good diet, and supplements. Learn to have as much fun as you do work.
Image_188If you chose to invite the Medicine Buddha (midnight blue body) into your home, simply say, ‘I invite the Medicine Buddha into my home to protect my family and myself from illness’. Place good food around it as offerings. The Medicine Buddha, the supreme healer in Tibetan Buddhism, is a very powerful method for increasing healing power of the mental and physical body and clearing negative karma and attachment. It also helps to overcome anger, hate, and resentment as well as hatred, and ignorance in yourself and those around you. It helps to clear negative karma.Image_172Tibetan Prayer:

If one meditates on the Medicine Buddha, one will eventually attain enlightenment, but in the meantime one will experience an increase in healing powers both for oneself and others and a decrease in physical and mental illness and suffering. —Lama Tashi Namgy If you wish to invite Jesus into your home you may do the following affirmation:

In the name of Jesus I command the illness/affliction of _____ to be healed. It is done. It is done. It is done. (Say this several times a day)

Remember to keep the body healthy with eight hours of rest, exercise, good diet, and supplements. Learn to have as much fun as you do work.



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# 1 Star of Career–WEST

The #1 Annual Water Star of Career brings with it new opportunities and money in your life path choices. Affecting  the Rooster and West facing homes.

The #1 flies into the West this year.  This is a star of independent nature and is a path to be walked by only you—alone. There are teachers, mentors, and family along the way to support you, but ultimately the life path and choices you make are your own—own them. Walk your own Fire (passion). Place a picture of yourself and your spiritual deity or picture of a teacher, living or dead, where the #1 is in your home, to help guide you. You may also surrogate other family members who may need angelic help by placing a picture of them and their spiritual deity in the annual flying star #1 of the home to help light their way, as well. (This ritual must be done with the purest intentions. We can’t control or make anyone do anything they don’t wish to do. Do the ritual with complete freedom for all.)

The #1 Water Star in the West  will encourage people to self-actualize their life purpose and give them the courage and ability to express it. When the annual #1 goes into an area, we may see people quitting their 9-5 jobs and striking out on their own with their own ingenious ideas. Creativity will explode. To boost your own independent spirit, place a figurine or picture of a mountain with a lake or river in the #1 star to anchor your beliefs.

The #1 of Water connects to the color blue. Wear Blue Stones on your middle finger to enhance your life path and career advancements. The middle finger is symbolic of your personal authority. Place a Blue Crystal Ball or Stone to activate the #1 Water Star of the home as well. You may place a Bamboo Ship with Metal ingots to symbolize your ship coming in. A metal set of the Wealth Gods, Luk, Fuk and Sau may help with business luck, as well as promotion. A water feature or any symbol of water can be used to activate the #1 yearly or monthly water star—three legged frog, turtle, fish, mermaids. Be mindful to not deplete the metal of the West. Use metal containers and figurines when possible. fuk luk_075

Place the wish fulfilling mantra—OM USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT—written on a paper to bring good fortune into your life in the yearly #1 of the home. You may also place the good fortune mantra for overcoming: OM HANU PASHA BHARA HE YE SVAHA.

Place a metal music box with a song you love in the #1 West area of the home to keep energy moving and uplift the energy of the water energy. Sound vibrates water and the blood of the human body.

You may use the Sun/Moon Mirror in conjunction with the Vision Board in the yearly #1  West area of the home to capture its energy. The Sun/ Moon Mirror is used for fulfilling wishes and adjusting your mindset so that whatever you truly desire will come your way. . I caution you to be clear on EXACTLY what it is you wish. Each time you look in the mirror, this can help instill clarity, remove blocks or obstacles in thinking, and re-balance anxiety and depression. Make a bucket list and place pictures or symbols of things you wish to accomplish in your life path and career choices.


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#9 Fire Star of Expansion–North West


#9 Purple Fire Star of Expansion, Completion, and Victory
[Affecting the Pig, Dog, male patriarch and Northwest facing homes]

#9 Star of Expansion is as powerful as the #8 of Wealth and flies into the Northwest this year. The #9 Star of Expansion is a star that brings you more of what you have and may symbolize victory and celebration on the completion of a project, such as marriage, job promotion, pregnancy, etc.

However, if you have woes and/or negative approaches, you will manifest more of the bad times. If this applies to you, change your approach. Focus on the positive.

Since the #9 Star flies into the NW this year, it becomes important to have a spiritual approach which  focuses  on what you want for yourself and others this year. The NW sector is symbolic of travel, mentors, and spiritual intuition. The NW is also symbolic of the male head of household. The SW is the sector that holds Feminine energy.

Make a vision board and set goals of what you would like to see expanded in your life this year, whether it is Health, Happiness, Relationships or Money. Manifest your dreams to happen through the mind. Place the vision board in the NW of your home or office.

To activate your home with the #9 Star of Expansion energy, use up-lighting, bright lights, waving kitty, Wind Horse symbols, prayer flags, or colorful lava lamps or jellyfish lights in the NW to illuminate the mind and bring fortune to the energy of the NW. You may also place nine I-Ching coins tied together with red string and a happiness knot in the NW this year. Crystals or crystal chandeliers and chandelier earring will also enhance the luck of the #9 this year. The placement of  small amounts of red or red crystal balls or a crystal pyramid in this area is desirable, however, a word of CAUTION: Don’t go overboard on RED or it can affect the health and heart of male, as well as cause conflict with the inherent energy of the water pig.

Also place deities of Buddha, Kuan Yin, Jesus, or anyone who you see as a Spiritual Master in the NW as well. This increases the Spiritual Mentor energy this year.

The #9 Star of Expansion is victory and celebration, so—Celebrate in NW of the home for good fortune.

The Tai Sui or Grand Duke also resides in the NW this year. Place a Tai Sui plaque  in the NW 3 to appease the Duke. The Pi Yao is considered the Tai Sui’s  pet and should always faces the area where Tai Sui is present. In 2019,   the Pi Yaopi yao should sit in the southeast 3  and face the northwest 3.

Add the Golden Pigs in the NW for extra luck.fullsizeoutput_5b8b

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The Year of the Pig and #8 Wealth Energy for the Center of the Home.

Well the New Year is around the corner. Are you starting to do your decluttering and getting your ducks in a row? The effects of the Dog retreating and the Pig coming in are already being felt.

Materialism and luxury are signs the pig is here. I have found myself already wanting new ‘stuff.’ In fact, I am considering selling my home this year and building a new one to specs of what I really would like it to be. The home I am in has some feng shui flaws I would like to correct. The pig is starting to influence me to spend the money and get the home I desire. This is something I would never have thought of last month. That’s why I know the pig is here. You think of buying things you would never have previously.
If I decide to not build, I feel a serious remodel coming on!!

This year in the home ba-gua, the #8 of wealth flies to the center of the home. This year, place things in the center of the home that look rich and hold wealth energy. Place yellow stones and crystals in this space. You may also place bowls of fruit with gold ingots laid in the center to symbolize health and wealth. Oranges are considered to be balls of gold, as well as healthy for you. Use Oranges in abundance this year to keep your healthy and happy.

Since Earth is supported by fire and and outputs metal, place coins and some red in this area, as well. We always look for balance, but limit large amounts of fire, metal, and, water in this area this year.

The #8 is controlled by earth energy. Earth is a heavy, stationary element and needs catalyst yang energy to activate. Water, Wood (air and wind) and Fire are the catalyst that move energy. A fan in this area is a great asset this year. You may also wish to place a lava lamp, jellyfish lamp, metal or ceramic music box, or a pendulum clock to stimulate movement in this area to unlock the center of the home to allow the wealth to move.

Begin today with the center of your home by un-cluttering and clearing it for the new year. Be creative. Make the center of your home look like a palace of wealth. Go big or go home!!!

Start today. Do one sector a day and by the new year, you’re done.

Each day I will post another flying star recommendation. Tomorrow: #9 star of victory and celebration.

(The following Ba-gua is a copyright by Tina Falk. Tina has given me permission to use it.)

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The Ending of the 60 Year cycle–Comparing 1959 to 2019.

Okay, deepness time again. The prophecy that keeps on giving, right?

Since I love Eastern astrology and the four pillar cycles which encompasses 60 year cycles, I have been watching cycles and rhythms these last few years in weather, politics, religion, and just people’s behavior in general.

Yikes, if the prophecy is accurate, people need to start cleaning up their acts. What I am seeing is very concerning. I know it’s early but the New Year is just around the corner and forewarned is forearmed.

Next year 2019, the Year of the Yin Earth Pig, is the ending of the 60-year cycle. This cycle in the I-Ching is Earth over Water. The Earth over Water aspect means the water is under the earth, making it unstable. The water is yin so it could be sitting there stagnant and needs movement or it could be gathering strength getting ready to erupt. The Water Monkey at the day pillar will cause the unpredictable movement of earth and water, with two aspects of fire stirring as well.

I predict a lot of endings next year that could be caused by unpredictable, unexpected movement. This could be a catastrophic year of weather and government affairs, such as assassination attempts of heads of state. The aspects are there.

I always watch the rhythms and cycles. To do so, I went back 60 years to 1959 to compare what might happen in a parallel fashion in 2019.

They said in 1959 the unemployment problems actually eased to 5.5%. Unemployment today is at 4%. We are doing better today than 60 years ago.

However during this time there were several revolutions that changed the faces of countries.

Fidel Castro and his rebels came to power in Cuba. After their revolt, Cuba became the first communist state in the West. Castro, once in power, insisted on an atheist society and Christians, especially Catholics, were considered ‘social scum’ and ostracized.

In 1959, Tibetans revolted against the Chinese in Lhasa, but the uprising was suppressed
and the Dalai Lama and tens of thousands of Tibetans had to flee to India. The Dalai Lama is still in exile but continues to make peace between Tibet and China. Sometimes, a Spiritual leader is not the best choice for a government leader because they don’t understand that not everyone thinks as they do. And in that naiveté, they are slaughtered.

1959 also experienced Gen. Qasim pulling Iraq out of the Baghdad Pact after the United States signed bilateral cooperation agreements with Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. A number of assassination attempts on Qasim failed, including an attempt that included Baath Socialist Party activist Saddam Hussein.

In 2019, aspects for assassinations are high with the fire/water combo–the aspect of unstable thinking coupled with quick reactions. This same aspect may cause a higher suicide rate this year as well, disguised as terrorism, because of the water and unstable grounding of earth.

Good things happened in trade the year of 1959. Strides were made in trade as a joint US/Canadian venture called the St Lawrence Seaway was completed, linking the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

Twelve countries that had been active in the Antarctic region during the previous year signed the Antarctic Treaty in Washington on December 1st. Those countries included the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Belgium, France, Argentina, Chile, and Australia. The purpose of the treaty was to guarantee peaceful use of the uninhabited continent for scientific purposes and global cooperation.

Hawaii and Alaska became states in the United States.

The weather trends in 1959 were horrific. Typhoon Vera with winds over 160 mph strikes Japanese island of Honshu, killing nearly 5,000 people. Over 70 tornados ranging from F1-F4 touched down in Oklahoma that year; 35 of them occurred in the month of May. It will be interesting to track that pattern again.

Hurricanes and Tropical storms also graced the headlines. There were fourteen tropical storms and seven hurricanes, two of which were category 3+, which caused massive damage and death throughout the seaboard.

Approximately 112 earthquakes from the unstable earth/water combo occurred in 1959. In May of 1959, a 7.9 quake occurred in Russia. In August 1959, four severe earthquakes moved the world; a 7.2 magnitude quake at Hebgen Lake, Montana/Yellowstone National Park area, a 7.2 quake in Taiwan, a 6.4 quake in Mexico and a 7.0 quake on the Solomon Islands.

On the humanity front in 1959, racism was deemed to be a mental illness affecting both the victims and the perpetrators. Maybe today we need to look at the effect race has upon the brain and see if the brains of some people react differently to racial profiles. If so, the problem isn’t hate, but fear and anxiety. I actually saw a documentary on racism where people of different races where tested by showing them pictures of people from other races. On some people, their brain lit up differently at the sight of people from different races. It was very interesting. Some things are inherent and can’t be explained. In1959, they found that to be a mental illness. Why hasn’t that been better explored and understood as a solution in solving racial differences. What is understood can be solved.

Based upon the finding of 1959, we have many issues we may be faced with next year to solve better than the past did.

We will see many ending again, with nature being one of them. Next year the aspect of natural catastrophes are high. Man made tragedies may also be profound. Mankind will be brought together one way or the other by the Universe to solve the standoff we see today. I pray we appease the Gods before that happens. What is not learned from the past will tend to be repeated.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana

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March Flying Stars and Prophecy

March Flying Stars and Prophecy:

The world is only adjusting to its new energy, although it feels like there is not enough sage, lavender, and rosemary to cleanse. it. But no worries, there is.
This last month of February 2018,  we had the 5 in the center of the ba-gua adding fuel to the fire of the nine. What you put energy into last month manifested ten-fold. We saw much explosive behavior. When times like this happen–go ZEN!! 
The NEW  month energy begins around March 5th, 2018-April 4, 2018. This month the Ho Too of 4/9  numbers meet in the center of the ba-gua forming some really good JUJU in the interpersonal connections department. This is a very good thing!! 👏👏👏  (See the monthly star in my blog. .. at 
This month we will see the more personal connections, romances, and it is a good time for healing fractured past relationships. Reach out…if they reach back….it is healed. If they don’t, bless them and you  and the experience,  and move on. That part of your journey is over. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. And see the ashes blow into the wind with a feeling of release.
Place pink peonies, Mandarin ducks, or longevity cranes, or a dog in the center of the home this month to boost your love life and relationships –with everyone. The ducks, cranes, and dog signify loyalty in friendships and family.
The center of the home this month is good for opportunities and progression of projects. The flying star 4 of wood blends with the flying star 9 of fire meets to make the blend of Metal–wisdom and wealth. Place the Jade Emperor in the center of the home with a vision board of what you wish to accomplish or simply say….I desire happiness. The rest falls into place. No boundaries or expectations. Boundaries and expectation trip us up every time!! Right???
The East, Northwest, and North are stressful this month,  so keep it quiet. No noise or construction. Display the wu-lou and salt water and plants in the East to buffer the energy. Plants are important to gauge the energy of a place. If the plants don’t survive, how can you.
Many tell me they can’t grow a plant. Anyone can grow a plant with conscious effort and application. Water them once a week. Take off the bad leaves. Fertilize with a simple solution of Miracle Gro once a month. Its pretty basic but requires focus. Plants emit oxygen and take in carbon dioxide to make your living space healthier. Be mindful of your surroundings. If your  plants start to die this month in the East or North this month, it is telling your the area is in stress. Add more plants and water to the space. We will readjust it next month.
The Southwest and South are fabulous for wealth luck this month. Place metal wealth Gods and water in this area to activate the subconscious mind to attract wealth through the laws of attraction. You may also use the Jade Emperor.
Place detergent water with salt or still water in the NE this month to calm the 3/7 combo and to protect you from negative influences. The 3/7 combo sum of ten isn’t all bad, though. It can enhance opportunities through conflict. Place a red laughing Buddha in this space as well. Use your weakness to make it your strength. 
The Southeast presents as well with 8/3 combo,  which can present opportunities through conflict. Use Red to enhance this area this month, as well.
The West and Rooster may have opportunities presented to them. Use a Metal wind chime or a Metal statues to activate this area this month.
Have a great month. Remember, the body is in a resting mode, which may make your energy feel fatigued. Don’t confuse fatigue with rest and relaxation. 
To purchase the ebook….Ask the Animals and They Shall Teach Thee…go to
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Mary Shurtleff on the Top 12 Book Pick List for Spirited Woman

Just released! Our Fall Equinox Spirited Woman Top 12 Book Pick List. Yeah! Hooray! Featuring 12 spirited women authors who will inspire you with their talent. I truly urge you to support these women and their books. A big round of applause goes to: Jane S. Ashley, Cheryl Meyer, Mary Shurtleff, Susan Blumberg-Kason, Dee Dee Prince, Michelle Vandepas, Elizabeth Rentz, Judi Moreo, T Lynn Tate, Barbara Hanneloré, Mari L. Mccarthy, and Whitney Freya. You can find out more at or

CONGRATS! Nancy The Spirited WomanSpirited Woman Top 12 pick list small

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Feng Shui for September 2017

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Flying Stars Feng Shui for September 2017 ATTENTION: The Flying Stars Feng Shui for September may  get gnarly before it gets better!! Be alerted!! The flying stars  line up in doubles this month bringing us the worst of the worst and … Continue reading

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The Rooster is Finally Here!!

rooster-coverThis year, 2017, will be a year of opportunity as well as a year of posturing for position. The   energy of the year has a double Rooster, so expect the year to be of pecking order and working up the ladder. The Yin Metal and Yin Fire bring forth both intellectual aspects and aspects of passion. Be aware. They can pull against each other in conflict or meld beautifully in a sculpture of what you want your life to be. It is always your choice. Your thoughts are always–your choice. The best of both spectrums are being presented to you and as they meet in the middle, they blend into a beautiful resurrected Phoenix rising. As the fire dies away, the incredible beauty of the metal sculpture of your creation will remain. Again, create the sculpture in the image of what you wish to be.

Right now in the world, we are seeing more posturing and an attainment of what we don’t want. Wrong approach to a successful new year. Many people are worried about that double rooster in the Four Pillar astrology for the year. I am not. One is yin or feminine fire and one is yin or feminine metal. There is no strong arm yang approach. It passed with the monkey. Today get your roosters on the same page. Put together your vision boards. It is a year of new beginnings and opportunities. Since 2017 has the numerology of a #1 and the center of the ba-gua has a #1, it brings forth the energy of the next nine years. What we manifest this year, sets a pattern for the next 9 years. That is why the vision boards becomes so useful. They remind us each day of the attainment of what we would like to be.

People ask me all the time what I wish for. I wish for happiness and good health. The rest will come. Basically my prayers are for world peace. A world where everyone can feel safe again. The Monkey was a rascal last year and we are still seeing the fall out from it and many people still trying to hold onto to that familiar brand of chaos. However, the Rooster on February 4th at the crack of dawn will be crowing and as the Monkey’s cage slams shut for another 12 years. Intellect and discipline will begin to guide the masses again.

Unexpectedly, a few months ago, a new Chinese Master presented himself to me. I didn’t even recognize him until he started talking to me about Feng Shui. When I told him I did Feng Shui, he said, I know. I was confused but accepted it was our destiny to meet. I asked him if he could teach me more. And he agreed. I have been troubled by the world and the mentality that the monkey brought forth and the fear it seems to have provoked. Today, as I spoke with my Master, I told him of my concerns. We spoke of the different animal interactions and I asked him how to calm the Rooster if it should become too aggressive. He said….Metal Rat. The Metal Rat will be strong and scurries quickly. It distracts the Rooster and interrupts his thinking and pattern of behavior. While the Rooster is distracted, he loses his disciplined edge. The Metal Rat is Rooster’s friend so the Rooster is not threatened or intimidated but amused by the intelligence the Metal Rat brings to the table. Place a Metal Rat in the West if you feel as though life is posturing against you this year.

For more info on the years aspects, The 2017 Year of the Chinese Yin Fire Rooster is now available at,
Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.


I am also excited to announce the Realm of Spirit is in final format editing. One more proof and we are off to the publisher. I had set an Easter release for the renewal of spring and I think we are going to easily make that release.

Cover Final

I wish you all a happy prosperous new year with an abundance of health, wealth, and  happiness. May we all live in peace. And may we all be the contributor to it. Let us honor the differences in each other.

Love Mary

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