May Feng Shui Aspect 2013

Feng Shui Aspects for May 2013

Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for fun and entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it. The monthly adjustments, in addition to the annual flying stars, should be placed in the directional sectors of the property, home, office, or desk.

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Sorry this is late. My year has been chaotic. I have sold my house in Draper/ Salt Lake City area and we are moving to Mesquite, Nevada as a main residence. We must be out of our home by June 17th. We will eventually buy a smaller condo here in the valley, probably in the fall, but right now we are focused on getting out of the Draper home.

My home sold in a day. I listed it on the new moon and did a secret feng shui adjustment to help the sale. We listed it one day, got the offer the next day, and accepted it the third day. It was fast and the transformation has been an emotional on. I live and breathe feng shui. I do nothing without consulting the energy of the day and the how it interacts with my four pillar chart. I even plan travel on the good travel days for me. When one understands how feng shui energy of the day affects their inner feng shui chart you can adjust your environment to stay stable and somewhat upright!! Some days though are just destined to be sucky!!

The month of May starts out somewhat stable with the good earth of wealth helping to stabilize the unstable earth energy of the annual star. Put still water and citrine in the middle of your home this month for stabilizing and protecting your wealth.

With the annual star #5 star of instability located in the center of the ba-gua all this year we may still feel lot of earth quaking and instability in our lifestyles throughout the year; thus the Boston Marathon Bombing last month when the #5 was coupled with the expansion energy of the #9 bring forth this instability. The Boston Bombings occurred in a Fire Dragon month and on a Metal Pig Day. Fire and metal are volatile, clashing energies. The bombing occurred during the Wood Sheep hour, thus fueling the fire. READ these monthly aspects to know when to lay low and when to be visible, as they relate to your Eastern Astrology chart.

To offset any unpredictability in your home this year, place beautiful raw clear crystals in the center of the home to remind you of the third eye energy and a knowing of what to do in time of trouble. The clear crystal will also bring clearer energy to the unstable energy of the Yellow star. The crystal energy will brighten the center of your home with hope and optimism and resonate a rainbow of light within the Yellow star, breaking down its harsh energy. May sure your salt water is in place in the center of your home to cool and offset harsh energy. The good news is the month of May will be a better month than April.

The expansion star flies to the NW bringing good luck and fortune to the Pig and Dog and NW facing homes. Everyone can place a ship with 6 gold coins or ingots on it in the NW of the home pointing towards the center of the home to activate this energy and symbolize your ship coming in. Make sure the ship is not sailing out a window or door. You may also place a water feature in the NW. The water and/or the ship will calm some of the fire/metal clash of this sector. We may see men’s egos going overboard this month with the authority star in the NW. Use water to calm ego is males in a household or business start clashing.
Career energy and promotions flies to the West and energizes the Rooster this month. Place extra water in the West this month to activate the energy. Place a Rooster in the West of the home to offset the competition and jealousy within the work place and home. Display a picture of a calm mountain to support and smother the #7 of retribution star.
Place a metal wu-lou, cobalt blue crystal, or Tree of life in the Northeast of your home this month to protect your health. Because the universe speaks in signs and symbols, I recommend every person place the protection sigil decal on your body and in your car. Make sure your water feature is clear and running smoothly in the NE of your home this year to promote wealth with harm to none. The NE sector of the home this month boasts the auspicious combination of 10 making it a sector to place objects and certificates for promotions and money. Very lucky for the Ox, Tiger, and NE facing homes this month.
Conflicts with money are possible for the Horse and South facing homes this month. Place a red crystal, red apple, or red Buddha in the South of your home this month with still water to stabilize the energy. The wood/ fire energy makes the energy high for conflict; use extra water to calm your body energy.

The Lucky Green Star of Literary Success and Romance flies to North meeting up with the Career Star. Success resides in the North and is an active sector for those in writing or the arts, Rat, or North facing home. This month you may see an increase in money for success in writing or direction and intelligence. Place a wish fulfilling crystal in the North with 4 lucky bamboos to bring power and wealth to your writing skills. Children may study in this area this month for increased ability. Place peonies and rose quartz in the North for Romantic luck. Also place a pair of birds to promote longevity and healthy life. This could be a good spot to make babies this month with the big bang spark and the romance star.

Place Salt Water Cure or Salt Lamp in the Southwest of your home this month to stabilize monthly energy for women. Women, Sheep and Monkey should take no risks with health or money. Remove all excess fire energy this month. Because the universe speaks in signs and symbols, I recommend every person place the protection sigil decal on your body and in your car. You may also place Peacock Feathers in the SW to activate Kwan Yin energy for protection and mercy.

Windfall luck and promotion flies to the East bringing luck to the Rabbit and East facing home. Everyone may place 6 coins in the East this month for money luck and fortune. You may also activate a ship with gold ingots in the North facing toward the center of the home.

Karma and Personal Growth aspects in the Southeast this month bring instability to all aspects of our lives. Be careful of striking out too quickly this month. Place a bowl of Blue Detergent in the Southeast of your home to offset this energy. You may also place peacock feathers in this area to symbolize protecting eyes. Place a clear purple crystal or raw clear crystal in this area to promote clear thinking.

Have a fabulous month!! Live long and prosper!! I wish you much wealth, health, and happiness.

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