Did Philippines incur the wrath of the Female Water Snake?

I am in the process of writing my book for the Trojan Stallion 2014. Here is an excerpt from on the Typhoon that just hit the Philippines. Enjoy.

The Female Water Snake of the year 2013 seemed really angry at times last year and the Philippines incurred her wrath.

Last year in the Female Water Book I predicted:

With the #5 in the center of the ba-gua, we may again see—shifting to balance. There may be an increase in moving earth in the form of sinkholes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and/or increased crevices in the earth crust. As the earth element seeks to balance the elements of fire (sun), water, metal, wood (trees) we may see serious shifts. This year plant more trees to stabilize the earth around you. Be careful of endorsing any new plans to needlessly destroy the earth. We must be more careful of unnecessary mining and clearing mountain lands for building. Fracking could become a serious problem this year causing earthquakes and tsunamis. The land may be more susceptible to crumbling this year. The oceans and earth surfaces depend upon trees to stabilize the boundaries. Australian scientists said the reason the Indonesia Tsunami was so devastating was because of destruction of vegetation along the coastlines.

On November 8th a devastating typhoon hit the Philippines with 235 mph winds, flattening land and bringing water to the shores. Interestingly enough, the annual flying star of yang wood, big wood and air was in the East of the Flying Star chart, which in the world map, was centered squarely over the Philippines.

The aspect of monthly star of water had just left the East on the new moon, November 3rd, 2013 of the October month cycle. This energy takes approximately 4 days to completely transition out as the new energy of the #9 star of expansion transitions in– thus crossing paths–creating more energy. As the expansion star meets up with the #3 or big wood star it will now cause an expansion of the BIG WIND!! However, could the new moon with its affects being felt for 4 days in the wind and water cycle together, possibly powered up the energy of the typhoon, which hit the Philippines on Friday November 8th, 2013? Something to think about??

My Feng Shui Chinese Master taught me to watch for the signs, rhythm, and cycle and you have your answer. It is hard to deny the meeting of the monthly star of water and expansion didn’t stir up the wind of the #3 star and cause the headlines to read:

Typhoon Haiyan: Most powerful storm to ever hit land batters Philippines with 235mph winds

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