Feng Shui Aspects January 2014

Feng Shui Aspects for January 2014

Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for fun and entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it. The monthly adjustments, in addition to the annual flying stars, should be placed in the directional sectors of the property, home, office, or desk.

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Today, January 1st is the first New Moon of the Year!! Yippee…all sorts of new opportunities abound today. Place a jar of water in the sun today for an hour to absorb the NEW energy of the year. Then drink the water as a sign of you are accepting the new as you let go of the old.

Today, January 1st, 2014, the #9 star of expansion flies to the center of the ba-gua meeting with the annual star #5 star of instability still located in the center of the ba-gua, we may still feel a lot of earth quaking and instability in our lifestyles and weather throughout this month until the Chinese New Year on the 30th of January, EST.

The Female Water Snake has been sashaying out, but she has left much snow and cold as predicted last month in my Feng Shui aspects and a trail of destruction with her sidewinding tail. Remember, in December, I said….

The #1 of water and career flew to the center of the ba-gua bringing with it lots of rain and snow over the earth. Expect more rain, snow and cold this month. According to the I-Ching, the water over earth is the sign of obstruction in the gorge. A blocking energy. This month one may feel like Mercury is in retrograde with obstacles and obstructions blocking progress. This month, take it easy. Relax and just go with the flow.

Last month was a slow tough month weather wise and personal wise for many. When one can read the energy of the flying stars, one can prepare for the energy.

To finish off the year and stabilize any unpredictability in your home this year, keep beautiful raw clear crystals in the center of the home to remind you of the third eye energy and a knowing of what to do in time of trouble. The clear crystal will also bring clearer energy to the unstable energy of the Yellow star. The crystal energy will brighten the center of your home with hope and optimism and resonate a rainbow of light within the Yellow star, breaking down its harsh energy. Make sure your salt water is in place in the center of your home to cool and offset harsh energy.

It is always an excellent practice to have a huge crystal chandelier of some kind hanging in the center of your home always to disperse energy through out the house. The crystals also help to slow energy that may be flying out the windows and the doors.

The Ho-Tu numbers of 1/6 are located in the NW this month bringing genius planning to a mundane situation. Use water and metal to activate. Pay attention to intuition this month in the NW of your home. Place a bowl of water with 6 coins in the NW of the home. Water symbolizes money flowing to you. The #6 star of power and authority will help with business promotions and visibility this month. This is especially good for Dog and Pig people.

The #2 of illness and emotions flies to the West of the home. Rooster and those with a West front door or bedroom need to safeguard their health this month. You may see an illness of the lungs or air born bacteria. Take precaution. Wash your hands regularly. Eat only good, healthy food. If food looks questionable, throw it out. Don’t push the envelope with alcohol or drugs. Drink plenty of liquids. Get your rest and meditate when possible. Stay positive and know it will pass. Place a metal wu lou in the West to press down the earth energy of the #2. Since the annual star #7 of instability is still located in the West place a blue detergent salt water cure in the West to offset all energy. SAFEGUARD health in the West this month. However, the 2/7 Ho-Tu of knowledge resides in the West this month, place a clear crystal and some metal in the West for clarity and intuition. Meditate in the West and listen to your inner voice.

The #3 conflict star flies to the NE possibly bringing delays and chaos to the Tiger, Ox, and NE facing homes. Chaos can be a good. It makes you move and shake and make more appropriate decisions. However, the Ho-Tu combination of 3/8 enters this space this month putting the ball in your court. Place smooth crystal balls for clarity during conflict. Because of their ear size, elephants symbolize listening and clear communication, place an elephant figure on his side with his ear to the ground to help you listen and communicate appropriately. Place your running water with 8 pieces of citrine for wealth luck. You may come out of this month, ahead of the game if you play your cards right!!

The #4 Romance star flies to the South this month bringing academic opportunities to those with South facing homes. Place white peonies and pale pink quartz in the South this month for Romance. For academic success place 4 bamboos in water. Place pink wish fulfilling crystals in the South this month for energizing love and family. The Ho-Tu 4/9 resides in the South this month bringing strength in numbers and using close associates to make progress. Take advantage of this area to bring in mentors or investors to help you out.

The #5 of instability flies into the North this month bringing stress to the Rat and the North Facing homes. Place salt water cure in the North to protect home. Also add extra metal to this sector to press down the earth energy. This month the Rat and North facing homes should lay low and not make any earth shattering decisions. Use the North front door as less as possible this month.
Power and Authority flies to the SW this month and brings luck to the Sheep and Monkey and SW facing homes. Place 6 mandarin or ‘cutie’ oranges in the SW symbolizing balls of gold, as well as good health.
The monthly #7 of legal conflict flies to the East this month. Remove all metal wind chimes in the East this month. All Rabbits and East facing homes need to pay attention to all paperwork they are signing. There could be conflicts and delays arising. Place the blue note for a peaceful transition of paperwork as well as the blue detergent in the East.
The Southeast facing houses, Dragon, and Snake may see increases in Money coming this month. Place still water and citrine stones in the Southeast this month.

This month is the beginning of the Chinese New Year on January 30th as the Thunder Year of the Stallion arrives. It will prove to be a very interesting year. The Snake swept the ground with her tail and cleared the path for the brilliant stallion to arrive, Get your books today and find out your yearly fortune!! www.maryshurtleff.com.

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