The Rooster is Finally Here!!

rooster-coverThis year, 2017, will be a year of opportunity as well as a year of posturing for position. The ¬† energy of the year has a double Rooster, so expect the year to be of pecking order and working up the ladder. The Yin Metal and Yin Fire bring forth both intellectual aspects and aspects of passion. Be aware. They can pull against each other in conflict or meld beautifully in a sculpture of what you want your life to be. It is always your choice. Your thoughts are always–your choice. The best of both spectrums are being presented to you and as they meet in the middle, they blend into a beautiful resurrected Phoenix rising. As the fire dies away, the incredible beauty of the metal sculpture of your creation will remain. Again, create the sculpture in the image of what you wish to be.

Right now in the world, we are seeing more posturing and an attainment of what we don’t want. Wrong approach to a successful new year. Many people are worried about that double rooster in the Four Pillar astrology for the year. I am not. One is yin or feminine fire and one is yin or feminine metal. There is no strong arm yang approach. It passed with the monkey. Today get your roosters on the same page. Put together your vision boards. It is a year of new beginnings and opportunities. Since 2017 has the numerology of a #1 and the center of the ba-gua has a #1, it brings forth the energy of the next nine years. What we manifest this year, sets a pattern for the next 9 years. That is why the vision boards becomes so useful. They remind us each day of the attainment of what we would like to be.

People ask me all the time what I wish for. I wish for happiness and good health. The rest will come. Basically my prayers are for world peace. A world where everyone can feel safe again. The Monkey was a rascal last year and we are still seeing the fall out from it and many people still trying to hold onto to that familiar brand of chaos. However, the Rooster on February 4th at the crack of dawn will be crowing and as the Monkey’s cage slams shut for another 12 years. Intellect and discipline will begin to guide the masses again.

Unexpectedly, a few months ago, a new Chinese Master presented himself to me. I didn’t even recognize him until he started talking to me about Feng Shui. When I told him I did Feng Shui, he said, I know. I was confused but accepted it was our destiny to meet. I asked him if he could teach me more. And he agreed. I have been troubled by the world and the mentality that the monkey brought forth and the fear it seems to have provoked. Today, as I spoke with my Master, I told him of my concerns. We spoke of the different animal interactions and I asked him how to calm the Rooster if it should become too aggressive. He said….Metal Rat. The Metal Rat will be strong and scurries quickly. It distracts the Rooster and interrupts his thinking and pattern of behavior. While the Rooster is distracted, he loses his disciplined edge. The Metal Rat is Rooster’s friend so the Rooster is not threatened or intimidated but amused by the intelligence the Metal Rat brings to the table. Place a Metal Rat in the West if you feel as though life is posturing against you this year.

For more info on the years aspects, The 2017 Year of the Chinese Yin Fire Rooster is now available at,
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I am also excited to announce the Realm of Spirit is in final format editing. One more proof and we are off to the publisher. I had set an Easter release for the renewal of spring and I think we are going to easily make that release.

Cover Final

I wish you all a happy prosperous new year with an abundance of health, wealth, and  happiness. May we all live in peace. And may we all be the contributor to it. Let us honor the differences in each other.

Love Mary

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