Feng Shui for September 2017

Flying Stars Feng Shui for September 2017

ATTENTION: The Flying Stars Feng Shui for September may  get gnarly before it gets better!! Be alerted!! The flying stars  line up in doubles this month bringing us the worst of the worst and the best of the best.

In my own house so far  this month, I have had  a huge plant fall over in the South and two other trees fall over in the heavy metal of the North this month  and another tree in the North,  ferment.  Yeah, weird huh— ferment??? The tree and the surrounding are smells like beer. It is being removed tomorrow and replaced with another.

Since  I am a proponent of heavenly signs, I pay attention to what the signs may be trying to tell me. The energy builds before the actual event. The North trees are protecting my front door, so I have to question the heavy energy of metal coming in this month and part of last month to my front door that my trees took the hit for.

The Double 6’s of the flying stars in the North can mean aggressive action and a lust for power.This aspect can also lead to accident and injury by metal. It  seems the metal energy literally cut through the energy of my wood trees. However, it can also mean that those in authority may overstep their boundaries. In the North this month to offset the heavy metal energy,  place extra water to rust out the metal and cause it to become weaker. You can also place heavy earth statues here.

The Energy of the South will be exceptionally rugged this month, as well, as we can already see with HurricIMG_4363ane Irma and Harvey. The double 5’s energy in the South may be wicked and can  cause havoc. I feel that since my plant feel over, not once but twice in a 6 hour period, this energy can’t be ignored either. This month remove all Red from the South and put salt water and metal to weaken the #5 flying star energy and cause it  to struggle. I repotted my plant in a bigger pot, see picture and if it falls this time, I am so worried!!


The best  star for money resides in the East. Place
water, money, gold, and/ or citrine stones in this East of your home this month. You can also write letters of intention or a vision board and place in the East this month.

The Southeast of the #9 fire of passion is amped up this month, too. This increase in energy could explain the fire energy and dryness  happening in this month. The North of Metal, conflicting with the South of fire makes a combustible combination. If you find yourself too hot to handle or your last nerve being stomped on, place water or small earth, (clear crystals or crystal cluster) in the SE to calm. If you feel you have lacked passion for the last little while, place fire energy here, such as red crystals, candles, and lighting.

The center of the home is the #1 of journey. Water and Wood can be placed in the center of the home  to activate the output of the journey.

The double illness star is in the Northwest this month. Be careful of your health, especially men. Place extra metal in the Northwest this month. You may also place the Happy Buddha. Happiness keeps illness away. Stress draws it to you…So DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY!!

The double conflict star is in the West. Sadly, this is considered the USA–West Wing. We may see a very unstable month for the United States this month. President Trump really needs to talk to his feng shui master about construction in the West this year. In your own home place add a red Buddha or Happiness knot or Mandela to the West to protect relationships and money.

The Southwest is especially stressful for women this month. Place a vase of equal parts of water, salt, and blue detergent in the Southwest of the home, bedroom or office to offset the nasty #7 flying stars of karma and retribution. This can also be a burglary star so protect your assets—all of them. Pay attention to your surroundings.

In the Northeast of literary success this month put your writing materials or your schoolbooks to advance your goals. Romance also flourishes in this sector this month. Be careful of unwise decisions in the romance department. Add pink to the Northeast to bring in an element of feminine romance and love.

Do these things today!! Don’t wait for the hurricane to hit you!! Have a great month. Hugs and gratitude to all. Mary

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