March Flying Stars and Prophecy

March Flying Stars and Prophecy:

The world is only adjusting to its new energy, although it feels like there is not enough sage, lavender, and rosemary to cleanse. it. But no worries, there is.
This last month of February 2018,  we had the 5 in the center of the ba-gua adding fuel to the fire of the nine. What you put energy into last month manifested ten-fold. We saw much explosive behavior. When times like this happen–go ZEN!! 
The NEW  month energy begins around March 5th, 2018-April 4, 2018. This month the Ho Too of 4/9  numbers meet in the center of the ba-gua forming some really good JUJU in the interpersonal connections department. This is a very good thing!! 👏👏👏  (See the monthly star in my blog. .. at 
This month we will see the more personal connections, romances, and it is a good time for healing fractured past relationships. Reach out…if they reach back….it is healed. If they don’t, bless them and you  and the experience,  and move on. That part of your journey is over. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. And see the ashes blow into the wind with a feeling of release.
Place pink peonies, Mandarin ducks, or longevity cranes, or a dog in the center of the home this month to boost your love life and relationships –with everyone. The ducks, cranes, and dog signify loyalty in friendships and family.
The center of the home this month is good for opportunities and progression of projects. The flying star 4 of wood blends with the flying star 9 of fire meets to make the blend of Metal–wisdom and wealth. Place the Jade Emperor in the center of the home with a vision board of what you wish to accomplish or simply say….I desire happiness. The rest falls into place. No boundaries or expectations. Boundaries and expectation trip us up every time!! Right???
The East, Northwest, and North are stressful this month,  so keep it quiet. No noise or construction. Display the wu-lou and salt water and plants in the East to buffer the energy. Plants are important to gauge the energy of a place. If the plants don’t survive, how can you.
Many tell me they can’t grow a plant. Anyone can grow a plant with conscious effort and application. Water them once a week. Take off the bad leaves. Fertilize with a simple solution of Miracle Gro once a month. Its pretty basic but requires focus. Plants emit oxygen and take in carbon dioxide to make your living space healthier. Be mindful of your surroundings. If your  plants start to die this month in the East or North this month, it is telling your the area is in stress. Add more plants and water to the space. We will readjust it next month.
The Southwest and South are fabulous for wealth luck this month. Place metal wealth Gods and water in this area to activate the subconscious mind to attract wealth through the laws of attraction. You may also use the Jade Emperor.
Place detergent water with salt or still water in the NE this month to calm the 3/7 combo and to protect you from negative influences. The 3/7 combo sum of ten isn’t all bad, though. It can enhance opportunities through conflict. Place a red laughing Buddha in this space as well. Use your weakness to make it your strength. 
The Southeast presents as well with 8/3 combo,  which can present opportunities through conflict. Use Red to enhance this area this month, as well.
The West and Rooster may have opportunities presented to them. Use a Metal wind chime or a Metal statues to activate this area this month.
Have a great month. Remember, the body is in a resting mode, which may make your energy feel fatigued. Don’t confuse fatigue with rest and relaxation. 
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