The Ending of the 60 Year cycle–Comparing 1959 to 2019.

Okay, deepness time again. The prophecy that keeps on giving, right?

Since I love Eastern astrology and the four pillar cycles which encompasses 60 year cycles, I have been watching cycles and rhythms these last few years in weather, politics, religion, and just people’s behavior in general.

Yikes, if the prophecy is accurate, people need to start cleaning up their acts. What I am seeing is very concerning. I know it’s early but the New Year is just around the corner and forewarned is forearmed.

Next year 2019, the Year of the Yin Earth Pig, is the ending of the 60-year cycle. This cycle in the I-Ching is Earth over Water. The Earth over Water aspect means the water is under the earth, making it unstable. The water is yin so it could be sitting there stagnant and needs movement or it could be gathering strength getting ready to erupt. The Water Monkey at the day pillar will cause the unpredictable movement of earth and water, with two aspects of fire stirring as well.

I predict a lot of endings next year that could be caused by unpredictable, unexpected movement. This could be a catastrophic year of weather and government affairs, such as assassination attempts of heads of state. The aspects are there.

I always watch the rhythms and cycles. To do so, I went back 60 years to 1959 to compare what might happen in a parallel fashion in 2019.

They said in 1959 the unemployment problems actually eased to 5.5%. Unemployment today is at 4%. We are doing better today than 60 years ago.

However during this time there were several revolutions that changed the faces of countries.

Fidel Castro and his rebels came to power in Cuba. After their revolt, Cuba became the first communist state in the West. Castro, once in power, insisted on an atheist society and Christians, especially Catholics, were considered ‘social scum’ and ostracized.

In 1959, Tibetans revolted against the Chinese in Lhasa, but the uprising was suppressed
and the Dalai Lama and tens of thousands of Tibetans had to flee to India. The Dalai Lama is still in exile but continues to make peace between Tibet and China. Sometimes, a Spiritual leader is not the best choice for a government leader because they don’t understand that not everyone thinks as they do. And in that naiveté, they are slaughtered.

1959 also experienced Gen. Qasim pulling Iraq out of the Baghdad Pact after the United States signed bilateral cooperation agreements with Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. A number of assassination attempts on Qasim failed, including an attempt that included Baath Socialist Party activist Saddam Hussein.

In 2019, aspects for assassinations are high with the fire/water combo–the aspect of unstable thinking coupled with quick reactions. This same aspect may cause a higher suicide rate this year as well, disguised as terrorism, because of the water and unstable grounding of earth.

Good things happened in trade the year of 1959. Strides were made in trade as a joint US/Canadian venture called the St Lawrence Seaway was completed, linking the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

Twelve countries that had been active in the Antarctic region during the previous year signed the Antarctic Treaty in Washington on December 1st. Those countries included the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Belgium, France, Argentina, Chile, and Australia. The purpose of the treaty was to guarantee peaceful use of the uninhabited continent for scientific purposes and global cooperation.

Hawaii and Alaska became states in the United States.

The weather trends in 1959 were horrific. Typhoon Vera with winds over 160 mph strikes Japanese island of Honshu, killing nearly 5,000 people. Over 70 tornados ranging from F1-F4 touched down in Oklahoma that year; 35 of them occurred in the month of May. It will be interesting to track that pattern again.

Hurricanes and Tropical storms also graced the headlines. There were fourteen tropical storms and seven hurricanes, two of which were category 3+, which caused massive damage and death throughout the seaboard.

Approximately 112 earthquakes from the unstable earth/water combo occurred in 1959. In May of 1959, a 7.9 quake occurred in Russia. In August 1959, four severe earthquakes moved the world; a 7.2 magnitude quake at Hebgen Lake, Montana/Yellowstone National Park area, a 7.2 quake in Taiwan, a 6.4 quake in Mexico and a 7.0 quake on the Solomon Islands.

On the humanity front in 1959, racism was deemed to be a mental illness affecting both the victims and the perpetrators. Maybe today we need to look at the effect race has upon the brain and see if the brains of some people react differently to racial profiles. If so, the problem isn’t hate, but fear and anxiety. I actually saw a documentary on racism where people of different races where tested by showing them pictures of people from other races. On some people, their brain lit up differently at the sight of people from different races. It was very interesting. Some things are inherent and can’t be explained. In1959, they found that to be a mental illness. Why hasn’t that been better explored and understood as a solution in solving racial differences. What is understood can be solved.

Based upon the finding of 1959, we have many issues we may be faced with next year to solve better than the past did.

We will see many ending again, with nature being one of them. Next year the aspect of natural catastrophes are high. Man made tragedies may also be profound. Mankind will be brought together one way or the other by the Universe to solve the standoff we see today. I pray we appease the Gods before that happens. What is not learned from the past will tend to be repeated.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana

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