The Year of the Pig and #8 Wealth Energy for the Center of the Home.

Well the New Year is around the corner. Are you starting to do your decluttering and getting your ducks in a row? The effects of the Dog retreating and the Pig coming in are already being felt.

Materialism and luxury are signs the pig is here. I have found myself already wanting new ‘stuff.’ In fact, I am considering selling my home this year and building a new one to specs of what I really would like it to be. The home I am in has some feng shui flaws I would like to correct. The pig is starting to influence me to spend the money and get the home I desire. This is something I would never have thought of last month. That’s why I know the pig is here. You think of buying things you would never have previously.
If I decide to not build, I feel a serious remodel coming on!!

This year in the home ba-gua, the #8 of wealth flies to the center of the home. This year, place things in the center of the home that look rich and hold wealth energy. Place yellow stones and crystals in this space. You may also place bowls of fruit with gold ingots laid in the center to symbolize health and wealth. Oranges are considered to be balls of gold, as well as healthy for you. Use Oranges in abundance this year to keep your healthy and happy.

Since Earth is supported by fire and and outputs metal, place coins and some red in this area, as well. We always look for balance, but limit large amounts of fire, metal, and, water in this area this year.

The #8 is controlled by earth energy. Earth is a heavy, stationary element and needs catalyst yang energy to activate. Water, Wood (air and wind) and Fire are the catalyst that move energy. A fan in this area is a great asset this year. You may also wish to place a lava lamp, jellyfish lamp, metal or ceramic music box, or a pendulum clock to stimulate movement in this area to unlock the center of the home to allow the wealth to move.

Begin today with the center of your home by un-cluttering and clearing it for the new year. Be creative. Make the center of your home look like a palace of wealth. Go big or go home!!!

Start today. Do one sector a day and by the new year, you’re done.

Each day I will post another flying star recommendation. Tomorrow: #9 star of victory and celebration.

(The following Ba-gua is a copyright by Tina Falk. Tina has given me permission to use it.)

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