#9 Fire Star of Expansion–North West


#9 Purple Fire Star of Expansion, Completion, and Victory
[Affecting the Pig, Dog, male patriarch and Northwest facing homes]

#9 Star of Expansion is as powerful as the #8 of Wealth and flies into the Northwest this year. The #9 Star of Expansion is a star that brings you more of what you have and may symbolize victory and celebration on the completion of a project, such as marriage, job promotion, pregnancy, etc.

However, if you have woes and/or negative approaches, you will manifest more of the bad times. If this applies to you, change your approach. Focus on the positive.

Since the #9 Star flies into the NW this year, it becomes important to have a spiritual approach which  focuses  on what you want for yourself and others this year. The NW sector is symbolic of travel, mentors, and spiritual intuition. The NW is also symbolic of the male head of household. The SW is the sector that holds Feminine energy.

Make a vision board and set goals of what you would like to see expanded in your life this year, whether it is Health, Happiness, Relationships or Money. Manifest your dreams to happen through the mind. Place the vision board in the NW of your home or office.

To activate your home with the #9 Star of Expansion energy, use up-lighting, bright lights, waving kitty, Wind Horse symbols, prayer flags, or colorful lava lamps or jellyfish lights in the NW to illuminate the mind and bring fortune to the energy of the NW. You may also place nine I-Ching coins tied together with red string and a happiness knot in the NW this year. Crystals or crystal chandeliers and chandelier earring will also enhance the luck of the #9 this year. The placement of  small amounts of red or red crystal balls or a crystal pyramid in this area is desirable, however, a word of CAUTION: Don’t go overboard on RED or it can affect the health and heart of male, as well as cause conflict with the inherent energy of the water pig.

Also place deities of Buddha, Kuan Yin, Jesus, or anyone who you see as a Spiritual Master in the NW as well. This increases the Spiritual Mentor energy this year.

The #9 Star of Expansion is victory and celebration, so—Celebrate in NW of the home for good fortune.

The Tai Sui or Grand Duke also resides in the NW this year. Place a Tai Sui plaque  in the NW 3 to appease the Duke. The Pi Yao is considered the Tai Sui’s  pet and should always faces the area where Tai Sui is present. In 2019,   the Pi Yaopi yao should sit in the southeast 3  and face the northwest 3.

Add the Golden Pigs in the NW for extra luck.fullsizeoutput_5b8b

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