# 1 Star of Career–WEST

The #1 Annual Water Star of Career brings with it new opportunities and money in your life path choices. Affecting  the Rooster and West facing homes.

The #1 flies into the West this year.  This is a star of independent nature and is a path to be walked by only you—alone. There are teachers, mentors, and family along the way to support you, but ultimately the life path and choices you make are your own—own them. Walk your own Fire (passion). Place a picture of yourself and your spiritual deity or picture of a teacher, living or dead, where the #1 is in your home, to help guide you. You may also surrogate other family members who may need angelic help by placing a picture of them and their spiritual deity in the annual flying star #1 of the home to help light their way, as well. (This ritual must be done with the purest intentions. We can’t control or make anyone do anything they don’t wish to do. Do the ritual with complete freedom for all.)

The #1 Water Star in the West  will encourage people to self-actualize their life purpose and give them the courage and ability to express it. When the annual #1 goes into an area, we may see people quitting their 9-5 jobs and striking out on their own with their own ingenious ideas. Creativity will explode. To boost your own independent spirit, place a figurine or picture of a mountain with a lake or river in the #1 star to anchor your beliefs.

The #1 of Water connects to the color blue. Wear Blue Stones on your middle finger to enhance your life path and career advancements. The middle finger is symbolic of your personal authority. Place a Blue Crystal Ball or Stone to activate the #1 Water Star of the home as well. You may place a Bamboo Ship with Metal ingots to symbolize your ship coming in. A metal set of the Wealth Gods, Luk, Fuk and Sau may help with business luck, as well as promotion. A water feature or any symbol of water can be used to activate the #1 yearly or monthly water star—three legged frog, turtle, fish, mermaids. Be mindful to not deplete the metal of the West. Use metal containers and figurines when possible. fuk luk_075

Place the wish fulfilling mantra—OM USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT—written on a paper to bring good fortune into your life in the yearly #1 of the home. You may also place the good fortune mantra for overcoming: OM HANU PASHA BHARA HE YE SVAHA.

Place a metal music box with a song you love in the #1 West area of the home to keep energy moving and uplift the energy of the water energy. Sound vibrates water and the blood of the human body.

You may use the Sun/Moon Mirror in conjunction with the Vision Board in the yearly #1  West area of the home to capture its energy. The Sun/ Moon Mirror is used for fulfilling wishes and adjusting your mindset so that whatever you truly desire will come your way. . I caution you to be clear on EXACTLY what it is you wish. Each time you look in the mirror, this can help instill clarity, remove blocks or obstacles in thinking, and re-balance anxiety and depression. Make a bucket list and place pictures or symbols of things you wish to accomplish in your life path and career choices.


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