March Update for Flying Stars

Wow, March is already here. It seems according to the weather it has come in like a lion and hopefully will leave a a lamb. As predicted we are seeing increased weather patterns of moisture, wind in the form of tornados, and earthquakes. This trend will last through the year depending on the place the stars flies.

The month of March the instability energy flies to the SE, South, and SW. Protect this sector of the home with extra salt water and blue detergent in a large vase in each corner of the SE, South, and SW.  You may also use a salt lamp. The South this month has a strong tendency to be confrontational. Do no business or relationship negotiations in the South. It will only be more aggressive.

The SW is especially vulnerable to this aggressive unstable energy. Woman, the Monkey,  and Sheep need to be careful this month in business and legal papers as well as their physical well-being. Don’t take un-calculated risks this month with your health or money. Relationships may suffer. In the Southeast, beware of the con man and theft. The Snake and the Dragon need to be especially careful to not fall into gullibility. All that glitters is not gold.

This month be careful traveling in a Southern direction. Watch for accident, thief, and injury. Carry the OM AH HUM symbol in your purse or car or pocket. You may also place Peacock feather around your home as a symbol of protection.

Money will be good this month. The East, West, and Center will be good for money. Place water and gold colors  in the center of the home this month. Place crystal and yellow citrine in the East with your 6 coins or ingots to feel your power and facilitate your money and promotions.

The NW and NE have the illness star in these sectors. Drink plenty of water this month and exercise, and get your rest. Learn to have as much fun as you do work. This  is not the month to take risks with your health.  Men need to be especially careful of injury or accident. Place a wu-lou, a happy Buddha, or a spiritual deity of your belief, such as a Jesus, Madonna, or God in this space with a prayer of protection.

Tibetan Prayer:
If one meditates on the Medicine Buddha, one will eventually attain
enlightenment, but in the meantime one will experience an increase in
healing powers both for oneself and others and a decrease in physical
and mental illness and suffering.—Lama Tashi Namgy

Christian Prayer:
If you wish to invite Jesus into your home you may do the following

In the name of Jesus I command the illness/affliction of _____ to be
healed. It is done. It is done. It is done. (Say this several times a day)

Place  a Tree of Life or Longevity Cranes  in the NE  of the home to keep family and health intact.

The NE is also good for academic achievement this month. Place bamboo or plants  in this area for growth. Also you may place pink flowers in this sector to uplift the spirit.

The North is excellent for promotions and good fortune. Place a metal wind chime in the North this month with 6 coins attached to it. Also add wind to this area in the form of the Windhorse or prayer flags.  Get that energy moving.

May you be happy and prosper this month. Namaste


oh ah hum

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