May Feng Shui Aspects– A month of expansion or learning?

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May Feng Shui Aspects– A month of expansion or learning?

Greetings and Salutations from Mary!!

May is always known for  the month of new beginnings and expansion. It is the spring flowers that wake up the mind, the eyes, and the sense of smell. By this time of the year, you should be starting the spring clean in the home and garden  and throwing out the old and welcoming in the new. Remember to do all things in gratitude. Give away those things you no longer need to those in need of them. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Some of the best things are vintage.

I have spent the last few months meditating on life and why we are here. We are here to be present. Present means–not in the past and not in the future. We can’t control either.  The present….is our presence and our gift.

We don’t know if tomorrow will be promised….. and the past is only  a memory;  albeit, a muscle memory. Stretch those muscles…..feel the burn…forgive the past of either yours or another’s wrongdoing…..and form a new muscle memory. No one is perfect…nor should you try to be or expect others to be. Be  yourself and the right people and situations will come to you easily and effortlessly. Hurt occurs when our expectations for another person or ourselves become  unrealistic.

We think we are in charge of our fate or destiny, however, that is the pure causation of anxiety. We can’t control the actions of those around us or the universal patterns of the cosmos. We can only control our reaction or response to it.  No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. Your conscious choices define you. Those are your lessons to learn.

This  month of May 2o19 could become tedious with lessons. In May, the flying annual stars and monthly stars line up to influence a really great change for the better or a powerful learning experience. To offset the inauspicious stars and enhance the really great stars requires complete focus and a willingness to accept change. Even accepting good into your life requires changes to behavior. For example, when one wins a lottery, people sometimes can’t cope with lifestyle changes and will eventually lose everything,  and return back to their old ways and the chase for  a better life.  Why is that? The inability to cope with change and accept the new normal, perhaps??? Think about it. Change requires change.

This month of May, the stars of wealth line up in the center of the home. Put moving water in the center of the home to free up the stuck energy. You should already have moving water in the center of the home this year to activate the annual star. Do it now if you have not!!!

The legal stars are in the Southeast this month. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to detail. Don’t sign any documents based upon someone’s word. Read all documents throughly and have contracts for everything.  The chance of burglary or loss is high in the Southeast facing home and  for the Snake and Dragon zodiac animal this month. Place a large flower vase of  1/3 water, 1/3 blue detergent, and 1/3 salt in the Southeast  to literally penetrate the air and stagger the energy. In Feng Shui language, you can also place the coin swords to protect investments. Peacock feathers  in the Southeast this year are also a symbolic deity protection of the eyes of Kwan Yin. The words OH AH HUM are a powerful mantra of dissolving negativity and realigning energy.

The East is synonymous with power and authority this year and month and  can  put one at a better advantage in personal and business affairs. When the power and authority star flies into your sector, you are being asked to take on more responsibility, as well as be  held accountable for your actions.  It is a star of growth. This star will usually signify changes in position in your life to a higher learning plateau. Although a good star, it can be a challenging one to go from being taken care of by others, to taking care of others. Sometimes, people chose to remain at the bottom of the food chain because it is too much work to climb to the top. This star actually pushes you– whether you want it or not. This year the annual star of power and authority will have the most affect upon the East facing home and the Rabbit zodiac animal. Use that authority constructively.  For promotion and advantage, place 6 coins, 6 ingots, or 6 crystal balls or 6  yellow stones in the East tied to a red string, to remind you of your internal power.

The Southwest of Women, Sheep, Monkey and Southwest facing homes have a Earth star of growth and instability. This earth instability can be shifted to earth luck with the right attitude. Place clear crystals in this area with a vase of salt and water to stabilize the energy. The clear crystals bring clarity to the mind in a stressful situation. Meditate regularly in this area to calm and stabilize the energy. The salt water or salt lamp will literally  change the ions of the areas.  You may also diffuse Frankincense essential oil in this area to bring a spiritual cleansing to the home.  Please remember, for every door that closes, a new one will open. The door that closes  is no longer your door. Stop banging on it.

The stars of romance, gratitude, and ascension of learning go to the North  this month. The North  facing home and the Rat will be showered with love and gratitude and much personal self actualization this month. Everyone should place items of love, romance and gratitude in the North this month. These may include pictures of loved ones, thank you cards from others, pink flowers, pair of longevity cranes or ducks, or your spiritual deity of your higher learning. For passion, place red flowers. However, be careful of promiscuous love affairs that create karma and hurt others.

The double conflict star flies to the South this month. Place a red Buddha, a red Mandela, a red rug or something of calming on a red fabric in the South this year and month. The conflict star is not always a bad star,  but a challenging one that requires change. This star can bring with it choices and decisions that will need to be made; this   could include a job change, a house change, a relationship change where one is conflicted on what to do.  It can also indicate changes in relationships with business partners, family members, and friends where one person may have outgrown another and is confused how to handle it with grace and ease. HONESTY is the only way to handle it. Chose kindness and tact over anger and fear. Some people can’t understand  the honesty, but the truth will set everyone  free–when they chose to accept it. A short hurt will hurt less than a long drug out one. Honesty sometimes helps to develop a better connection in a relationship.

The Illness stars of accident and injury fly into the Northeast affecting the Northeast  Facing Home and the Tiger and Ox. The Tiger and Ox need to be especially careful with their health this month and year. Take no chances. Do not bungee jump, sky dive and maybe  ski. PLEASE….be careful in the NE this month. Place the Blue Medicine Buddha by your bed with a calabash. On your bikes, ski, cars, strollers, etc, place the Sigil symbol with the words OH AH HUM. This is a double whammy month  to be taken seriously.  Place a Golden Buddha to remind you to laugh more, worry less. Image_188oh ah humImage_172








The independent stars of personal power, individual  life path,  career, and new beginning is found in the West this year.  Place water in the West this month. We are born from water.  Water guides us into this world and through this world.  Water is cleansing, soothing, and refreshes us,  as we flow with it or ride the waves.  Water cleanses our being and fills our soul with peace. Place a vision board  of your desires in the West this year and month to inspire  the alchemy of the mind to create new laws of attractions. Get rid of all things in the West that are no longer a part of who you are. If it is a storage room—clean it out!! :0

The Northwest is also the direction of promotions and expansion this month. This is second most desired star. It is the mini wealth star for abundance. Be careful what you wish for. Place lighting in the Northwest this month. You may also place an illuminated  vision board in this area with your aspirations for expansion in your life–better health, pregnancy, new romance, new car, new home, etc.

Above all  this month, practice  being  grateful, being  forgiving, and being  kind. Do those three things and your life will change. Namaste!!


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