September Feng Shui Aspects

Feng Shui Aspects for September

Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it.

The adjustments may be placed in the directional sectors of the property, home, office, or desk.

In last months aspects I wrote—[the month of August could be a real game changer for the economy for those who know how to work magic with their money and in the work place. Money comes from the creation of ideas within the mind. Millionaires make most of their money in the stock market, business ideas, and investments. We may see much of that this month. Create yourself an app and sell it.]

On September 6, 2012, the Stock Market stocks soared on word that the European Central Bank would embark on an aggressive round of bond purchases, in an effort to build confidence in the euro zone, especially Spain and Italy. At the close, the Dow Jones had gained 245 points and the NASDAQ was up 67 points. There were more than three times as many stocks advancing than declining on the New York Stock Exchange with some hitting new highs.
However, the #7 star of instability has flown again to the center of the ba-gua destabilizing some of what stabilized last month. Place salt water or still water in the center of your home or business to restabilize the wealth energy. Also place the color blue to offset any legal problems you may have.
The #8 of wealth flies to the Northwest of the home. This month the pig and the dog may see heaven luck come together bringing with it increases in money and a new position of power. Everyone, place a Golden Buddha on a blue cloth in the NW of the home to activate heaven luck and calm the #7 energy; as well as place moving water with gold coins in it to generate money action. The Gold Sacajawea Dollars can be purchased at the bank and make great Feng Shui generators.

The Number 9 of fire flies to the West of the ba-gua bringing energy to the annual star #8 of Wealth. Put lighting in this area to illuminate all opportunities. Put symbolism of money or real gold money in this area. Use water, citrine, sailing ships, phoenix, turtles, three legged frogs, and/or the wealth Gods, Fuk, Luk, and Sau.

The North East, this month, welcomes the energy of the #1 of water and career to the annual star of #9 of expansion. This duo is the sum of ten and is extremely fortunate for the Tiger and Ox and the Northeast of the home. The Tiger and Ox may see job surprises this month with increases in money that come out of the blue to surprise them. Place a vase of still water with citrine stones in the bottom of it for luck. Also place an underwater light or glow stick in the water to illuminate the possibilities.

The South receives a visit from the #2 of illness this month. The Horse should rest and go into mediocre mode this month. There will be tendency to burn the candle at both ends and this month it may catch up to you. Watch your diet. There will be a tendency toward stomach upsets. Place a sigil protection symbol or a metal wu-lou in the South of the home. The sigil symbol can be found in the Water Dragon Book and may be copied.

The conflict # 3star flies to the North of the home of Rat and creates some contention this month. Place a Red Buddha and/or a red crystal in the North to offset this energy. Step back, take a breath, the energy will pass and you don’t want to be left holding the bag. This month say your prayer for peace and calm.

The #4 of romance flies to the SW of women meeting the #3 star of conflict bringing with it –disagreements and tension in romance for women, Monkey and Sheep. Unfortunately this disagreement will reach men too. Place a red crystal ball in the SW to offset the energy as well as add pink Peonies and rose quartz to this area. You may also add your peach blossom to this area or the area of your animal.
Rat, Dragon, Monkey – Place a Golden Rooster in the West
Tiger, Horse, Dog – Place a Green Rabbit in the East
Ox, Snake, Rooster – Place a Red Horse in the South
Rabbit, Sheep, Pig – Place a Blue Rat in the North

If you are a female writer, journal in the SW this month. You will have plenty of insight. Leave your writing material in the SW corner. It will seem as though the book writes itself.

Instability and earth changes resides in the East this month with the #5 paying the family a visit. Place big salt water in the East to stabilize energy. The Rabbit needs to watch his finances and health this month. Take no unnecessary chances. Everyone this month, get your rest. There is a tendency toward broken limbs and strained backs. Also ankle and feet problems. If you think you hurt yourself, get off it and rest it!!

The #6 of power and authority flies to the SE of the Dragon and Snake. Place gold coins and balls of gold in this area. Place the gold wealth gods here for money gains too. Also refresh your salt water cure. The Snake and Dragon may feel more powerful this month but be careful of too much ego. It always will come back to bite you.

It doesn’t matter which school of feng shui you practice, this will just enhance and layer the feng shui of your home. Have a fantastic month. Peace be with you!!

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