Chinese New Year–Fun Analogy of the last few days of Storms!!

Fun BLOG… Analogy of the last few days following Legend of the zodiac animals. Please share…. let others have your fun!!

Wahoo…. we have made it to the Year of Female Water Snake!! Finally we get to bid the aggressive water dragon ‘adieu’. Last year, he ripped the lids and hearts out of people, places, and things and left a path of chaos in his midst.

The last few day you may have felt the changing transition of the year from the aggressive water dragon to the calmer energy of the water snake. You may have felt a slight dizziness or air-headed feeling. A sudden feeling of nervousness or confusion. Periods where you may have felt angry but then calm. Lots of movement of energy and activity around your body when no one was there. Things bumping in the night so to speak. I have felt all of it and even my level headed, left brained hubby has heard it.

If you recall according to esoteric legend, the dragon, an earth energy in the element zodiac and ruler of the thunder and heavens has to recoiled and leave, opening the path to the Water Snake. As he left his heavenly energy of water, rain, thunder and storms was awakened and the earth shook. This explains the last few days of the storms and the earthquakes. It was a sign the dragon was on the move and returning to a sleep stage. Thank Heavens..literally. May the heavens now calm.

This year, we will be like the snake. We will literally be crawling on our bellies to piece back together all that got shaken and disturbed or broken last year!! Use the earth energy to stabilize your physical body when you feel unsure of yourself and the direction you are to move. Wear stone jewelry on your body and/or meditate with the stones to ground the body. Also sit in large heavy furniture to re-stabilize the body.

Howeverrrrrrr…with that said… a word of caution….piece back together only those things that you wish to fix. If you broke it, you may wish to fix it. If someone else broke, do you really want to fix it?? If you wish, slither off in a new direction to find your new position of power. LIke the snake who slithers on the ground and hides in the grass or climbs and winds up the highest tree to see the world from an advantage point, you have the ability to access your inner intuition this year with magnificent insight and use it appropriately to move your life to places your never thought possible.

Have a fabulous day. Connect with those people who you wish to have in your life this year!! I just did!!

I hope to have the February Feng Shui aspects posted tomorrow. Today set your yearly adjustments as found in the Female Water Snake: Year of Transformation

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