Can you be Hypnotized!!

uh oh….my brain is clicking today…..another Blog!!

I have so many people say to me–I can’t be hypnotized!! We are hypnotized everyday subconsciously by advertising, people’s remarks to us..good and bad, and our past programming from environment, climate, nervous system and family/peers. Heck, my blogs hypnotize you with new ways of thinking. Media and advertising ARE simply a state of waking hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not some deep state of out of control thinking. It is a state of being in which your attention is completely focused on something…whether it be negative thinking in the form of unhappiness and stress resulting in negative behavior such as smoking, over eating, anger, drugs etc; or positive thinking resulting in the form relaxation, happiness, hope, faith, etc. The mind can’t hold opposing ideas and will gravitate to that which is most familiar.

That is where hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy helps you de-hypnotize old beliefs systems and reload new ones on a conscious level. In order to change, you must identify the habits not working for you and why they have imprinted. Hypnotherapy helps you to focus you attention on the positive and what you can do to change your way of thinking.

So next time you have a problem and say to me–I can’t be hypnotized…remember … You already are. You have been hypnotized to believe that you have to be in control of everything in your life so you don’t experience more of what you have in the past. Hypnotherapy results depend your ability to let go of the need to control the future and welcome in a more relaxed way of doing things with faith and hope.

Some do it quickly and others do it more slowly. However, now you know…. the harder you try to hold onto the old habits; the easier it is to let it go and accept a life full of happiness, faith, and hope!! Yep, read that several times for it to sink in and allow you to release. Life is a journey to enjoy.

My book Reconnecting Your Spirit: Seeing the Possibilities have many suggestions of how to adjust your mindset and lifestyle to achieve your dreams. Also available at amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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