Chinese New Year

rooster-coverThis year, 2017, will be a year of opportunity as well as a year of posturing for position. The   energy of the year has a double Rooster, so expect the year to be of pecking order and working up the ladder. The Yin Metal and Yin Fire bring forth both intellectual aspects and aspects of passion. Be aware. They can pull against each other in conflict or meld beautifully in a sculpture of what you want your life to be. It is always your choice. Your thoughts are always–your choice. The best of both spectrums are being presented to you and as they meet in the middle, they blend into a beautiful resurrected Phoenix rising. As the fire dies away, the incredible beauty of the metal sculpture of your creation will remain. Again, create the sculpture in the image of what you wish to be.

Right now in the world, we are seeing more posturing and an attainment of what we don’t want. Wrong approach to a successful new year. Many people are worried about that double rooster in the Four Pillar astrology for the year. I am not. One is yin or feminine fire and one is yin or feminine metal. There is no strong arm yang approach. It passed with the monkey. Today get your roosters on the same page. Put together your vision boards. It is a year of new beginnings and opportunities. Since 2017 has the numerology of a #1 and the center of the ba-gua has a #1, it brings forth the energy of the next nine years. What we manifest this year, sets a pattern for the next 9 years. That is why the vision boards becomes so useful. They remind us each day of the attainment of what we would like to be.

People ask me all the time what I wish for. I wish for happiness and good health. The rest will come. Basically my prayers are for world peace. A world where everyone can feel safe again. The Monkey was a rascal last year and we are still seeing the fall out from it and many people still trying to hold onto to that familiar brand of chaos. However, the Rooster on February 4th at the crack of dawn will be crowing and as the Monkey’s cage slams shut for another 12 years. Intellect and discipline will begin to guide the masses again.

Unexpectedly, a few months ago, a new Chinese Master presented himself to me. I didn’t even recognize him until he started talking to me about Feng Shui. When I told him I did Feng Shui, he said, I know. I was confused but accepted it was our destiny to meet. I asked him if he could teach me more. And he agreed. I have been troubled by the world and the mentality that the monkey brought forth and the fear it seems to have provoked. Today, as I spoke with my Master, I told him of my concerns. We spoke of the different animal interactions and I asked him how to calm the Rooster if it should become too aggressive. He said….Metal Rat. The Metal Rat will be strong and scurries quickly. It distracts the Rooster and interrupts his thinking and pattern of behavior. While the Rooster is distracted, he loses his disciplined edge. The Metal Rat is Rooster’s friend so the Rooster is not threatened or intimidated but amused by the intelligence the Metal Rat brings to the table. Place a Metal Rat in the West if you feel as though life is posturing against you this year.

For more info on the years aspects, The 2017 Year of the Chinese Yin Fire Rooster is now available at,
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I am also excited to announce the Realm of Spirit is in final format editing. One more proof and we are off to the publisher. I had set an Easter release for the renewal of spring and I think we are going to easily make that release.

Cover Final

I wish you all a happy prosperous new year with an abundance of health, wealth, and  happiness. May we all live in peace. And may we all be the contributor to it. Let us honor the differences in each other.

Love Mary

EASY TO DO Flying Stars Aspects Blog  for   your life, home,  and business.

Your home is an extension of your mind and your thoughts create your home. Does your home support your needs—emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually, and mentally? This monthly Feng Shui aspect feature will help you to make those assessments. All you have to do is read and place the objects appropriately and go about your month.

Overall Feng Shui means wind and water in Mandarin Chinese and is the art of placement within your home, business, or environment. Feng Shui knowledge can help you to understand how that which is seen and unseen, can affect your reality. We live in a world of symbology and branding. Everything the mind’s eye sees is a message to the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind will unconsciously react in a positive or negative way. On a spiritual level, feng shui knowledge can help you to harness and manifest the “power of thought or the spoken word.” Your thoughts are powerful and form and affect your very being. When applied appropriately, this esoteric or mystical feng shui can change your life.

The Four-Pillar Eastern astrology and the Flying Stars method of Feng Shui is used to determine how the ener­gies of the Earth and its directions from different time periods affect your lives and well-being. The Flying Stars Feng Shui, a method thousands of years old, is based on ancient calculations of astronomy, navigation, and mathematics. The Flying Stars method covers the natal or birth stars of your home; the annual flying stars that change each year with the Chinese New Year; and the monthly flying stars, which change monthly.

In this monthly blog we will explore the monthly flying stars technique. This technique is easy and focuses on the aspects of the monthly flying stars, their interaction with the annual stars, the sectors they fly into each year, and their effect on your life.

I hope you enjoy our new addition. We would like feedback on your ideas of how to improve our newsletter each month!!

Feng Shui Aspects for June 2015

Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it.

 The adjustments may be placed in the directional sectors of the property, home, office, or desk.

This month of June 2015, the stars line up to make this a somewhat unpredictable month. The West, South, Southwest, and Southeast are the directions to keep an eye on for instable energies. The East, Northeast, and North are very auspicious and the Northwest is somewhat neutral. This month may feel like a balancing act but just remember—this too shall pass. Each sector has a yin and yang or negative and positive quality. Which one you feed will be the one that thrives. Always feed the positive and dissect the negative into a positive.

The Tai chi turns each day as well as monthly. When an auspicious daystar flies into the day, it will shift that monthly energy that appears funky!! Some sectors will definitely feel better than others. Start journaling and gauging your days.

This month the water star flies to the Center of the ba-gua/energy map– cleansing and purifying the energy of the environment. This could bring added rain and more water on a universal level. The extra water can also make the earth unstable and we may see more flooding, landslides, and maybe earthquakes. The water will bring added strength to the annual star of conflict so it is important to balance this wood/water/earth energy with more earth. Add extra clear raw crystals to the center of your home this month if you feel you are walking on shaky ground. The crystals will help you feel mentally clearer, grounded, and anchored.

This month could be a good month for career changes and promotions. For some, there may be some forced changes centering around job prospects but don’t panic. Change is scary, but sometimes very good and needed. Everything happens for a reason. This month in the center of your home, place still water to absorb any negative energy and in addition, a red Buddha or red smooth crystal to the center of the home for smooth business and personal transitions. Expect some endings and awesome beginnings!!

In the Northwest this month, remove all objects that resemble fire and keep lighting minimal. The Pig and Dog may wish to take extra care to get plenty of sleep and not burn the candle at both ends. Take no unnecessary risks in the Northwest this month. Keep the Northwest quiet and calm. Place a wu-lou or metal in this area to weigh down the energy. You may add 4 bamboos in water for academic achievement. The Northwest is a great place to write, edit, or create this month.

This month the Rooster people and the West of home may feel out of sorts. If your office or bedroom is in the West you may feel internal conflict regarding personal and business relationships. Place a Golden Rooster in the West this month with the bowl of sea salt water. This will stabilize that energy and help absorb the conflict. Because the Rooster is a bird of strength, self-promotion, and opportunity, the symbology of the Rooster counters backstabbing, politicking, and conflict through self-assurance. This month use this sector to focus on resolving those areas of your life not working in your best interest.

The Northeast of the home is a very strong area this month with achievement meeting up with power. Place 6 Chinese coins in the Northeast for the year. Romantic luck is high. Place pink peonies or mandarin ducks in this area to find that special feeling. The Tiger and Ox can enjoy a good month with good things coming their way. However, remember….having power is tough …choose wisely.

This month keep the South calm. The South facing home or South sector of your home may feel off balance this month. Put blue flowers or still water at your front door on the left side looking out. Keep lighting low and be careful with fire. Put 1/3 salt, 1/3 water, and 1/3 blue detergent in a bowl and place it in the South. Place smooth clear crystal balls in this area for smooth sailing. Any work done in this area must be checked and double-checked for mistakes. Check over all legal documents—especially Horse people. The Horse may feel off balance and somewhat melancholy and tired this month. If this should happen, get rest and stay quiet. Remember: Tomorrow in another day. Take baths, swim, and be kind to yourself. This month…just rest.

The North facing home and Rat people are blessed with good fortune this month. Place with 6 gold coins or Chinese coins and 8 pieces of Citrine stones in the North. Do a brief mediation visualizing ideas to bring prosperity to your front door. Ask your mind to create you a plan to follow to bring wealth into your life. Then listen and act upon it. Don’t procrastinate. Strike while the iron is hot!!

The Southwest in the month of June is complicated by a fire/metal clash. This month women need to watch their health and avoid becoming overloaded. Drink plenty of water and rest when exhausted to avoid a serious affliction. To stabilize this energy place your blue detergent/Salt/Water Combo in the Southwest of the home, room, or office. If you have a blue elephant or rhinoceros, set it in this area to protect the area as well. You may also set black or blue fu-dogs. Remove all fire or red energy. Also place a rooster to offset any gossiping and unfair attacking from your frienemies!! Allow the Southwest of the home to lay low this month. The Sheep and Monkey and Women must take rest when tired. This is a time of clearing past karma.

The East is honored with a fortune as well as the wealth star and career star meet up in the family sector of the ba-gua or energy map. Place a moving or still fountain with 8 citrine stones in the East. You may also place a picture of your family need the fountain for familial good fortune.

The Snake and Dragon and the Southeast Facing home must watch their health this month. The Snake and Dragon may wish to take extra care to get plenty of sleep, eat right, exercise to release emotions, and not burn the candle at both ends. Take no unnecessary risks in the Southeast this month. Place a wu-lou or metal in this area to weigh down the energy. Emotions may run high this month. Place smooth round crystal balls in the Southeast to distort the energy. Take Epsom salts with lavender baths or swim to keep the body healthy. Drink plenty of water. If you wish, you can do a Himalayan Salt cleanse with ½ tsp. of Himalayan Salt in 8 oz. of water. This is a spiritual cleanse for the soul. Just relax and enjoy the down time.

Many tell me the aspects overwhelm them. Go back, read them, and take one directions at a time and just work with it. Don’t panic. Do the adjustments at your leisure or only do the directions you feel are a problem. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. Pretty soon, you will get it and eat the whole elephant!! Have a fantastic month. Peace be with you!!

Mary Shurtleff


Wow, what is going on with all the plane crashes???

As most of you know, I author each year a Chinese Prophecy book. In this year’s book, The Thunder Year of the Stallion, as I lined up the stars I wrote:

“Due to the Yang Wood nature influence of the Horse, this year we may see natural disasters caused by high winds. We may see more tornados, hurricanes, and wild Fire fueled by wind. Since the wind is of the sky, we may hear more rumblings coming from the sky—sonic booms, meteors, rockets, planes crashes, thunder storms, etc” (Page 21).

Excerpt from page 36

“This year on the world map, the #7 of Violence rests over Russia, Korea, and China and the #5 of Instability looms over the United States. We may see conflict arise between those regions this year. The #6 also is located over the lower United States and Washinton DC. This aspect could promote a posturing of power, as well, with other countries. We may also see an increase in the ‘power of the people’ this year, as people realize they do have some say within their life. The Latin American regions will also see an increase in authority and recognition this year. The European nations may also prosper with the Expansion #9 star in their favor this year. There may be an outbreak of stomach and respirtory illness in the lower Asian and Upper Australia regions.”

These predictions have come to pass.

When you can line up the flying stars feng shui with the animal influences you can easily read the patterns of the universe.

The 2014-The Thunder Year of the Stallion is available on Amazon, get your copy today!

Mary Shurtleff is a blogger for JenningsWire. You can read more posts by Mary at


Do you have the Dizzys this Month~~ It could be the Female Water Snake

Do you have the feeling of Head pressure, ringing in the ears, or the ‘Dizzys’ this month?

Snake energy is at its highest this month. This year the kundalini in the spine is active. The Snake controls the kundalini and pineal gland. It is an awakening of the parts of spine and the brain that have laid dormant. The pineal gland is especially busy this year opening to new dimensions. So of course, all feels off balance and dizzy. To help offset this effect drink lots of water and eat bananas.

This year it is especially important to do balancing exercises and strengthen the legs and feet. The snake has no feet so the feet don’t feel like they are grounded this year. Carry stones in your pockets to literally connect you to the earth. This is a year of transformation on all levels of mind, body, spirit.

I have been telling people not to panic, next year’s wood horse will feel more grounded. We will have roots. This year, go with the shifts~~ journal and pay attention what the inner voices are telling you to do. (It is easier to go with the flow than to fight it. The flow will win in the end so ‘let go’ to begin with)

Intuition is very high this year and bringing much anxiety to many because they aren’t sure if it is their thoughts or someone else’s. Just breathe through it. Close your eyes, slow your breathing.

I have had so many bouts with the ‘dizzys’ and ringing in my ears. Also people may experience more headaches, plugged feeling in the ears, and neck pain. Of course if you are concerned, go to your health care provider. (My disclaimer)

The good news is..the energy is highest this month and should dissipate each month now. It has been building since May to this peak. By November we may start feeling somewhat normal again. Hope this helps.

All this is explained in my book..The Female Water Snake: 2013 Year of Transformation. My stock is being sold off at half price for $8.50. To order your copy, go to

New Blog: The Perfect Storm for Downtime–The Chinese Lantern Festival, Full Moon, and Mercury Retrograde.

uh oh….my brain is clicking today…..another Blog!!

I have so many people say to me–I can’t be hypnotized!! We are hypnotized everyday subconsciously by advertising, people’s remarks to us..good and bad, and our past programming from environment, climate, nervous system and family/peers. Heck, my blogs hypnotize you with new ways of thinking. Media and advertising ARE simply a state of waking hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not some deep state of out of control thinking. It is a state of being in which your attention is completely focused on something…whether it be negative thinking in the form of unhappiness and stress resulting in negative behavior such as smoking, over eating, anger, drugs etc; or positive thinking resulting in the form relaxation, happiness, hope, faith, etc. The mind can’t hold opposing ideas and will gravitate to that which is most familiar.

That is where hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy helps you de-hypnotize old beliefs systems and reload new ones on a conscious level. In order to change, you must identify the habits not working for you and why they have imprinted. Hypnotherapy helps you to focus you attention on the positive and what you can do to change your way of thinking.

So next time you have a problem and say to me–I can’t be hypnotized…remember … You already are. You have been hypnotized to believe that you have to be in control of everything in your life so you don’t experience more of what you have in the past. Hypnotherapy results depend your ability to let go of the need to control the future and welcome in a more relaxed way of doing things with faith and hope.

Some do it quickly and others do it more slowly. However, now you know…. the harder you try to hold onto the old habits; the easier it is to let it go and accept a life full of happiness, faith, and hope!! Yep, read that several times for it to sink in and allow you to release. Life is a journey to enjoy.

My book Reconnecting Your Spirit: Seeing the Possibilities have many suggestions of how to adjust your mindset and lifestyle to achieve your dreams. Also available at amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Fun BLOG… Analogy of the last few days following Legend of the zodiac animals. Please share…. let others have your fun!!

Wahoo…. we have made it to the Year of Female Water Snake!! Finally we get to bid the aggressive water dragon ‘adieu’. Last year, he ripped the lids and hearts out of people, places, and things and left a path of chaos in his midst.

The last few day you may have felt the changing transition of the year from the aggressive water dragon to the calmer energy of the water snake. You may have felt a slight dizziness or air-headed feeling. A sudden feeling of nervousness or confusion. Periods where you may have felt angry but then calm. Lots of movement of energy and activity around your body when no one was there. Things bumping in the night so to speak. I have felt all of it and even my level headed, left brained hubby has heard it.

If you recall according to esoteric legend, the dragon, an earth energy in the element zodiac and ruler of the thunder and heavens has to recoiled and leave, opening the path to the Water Snake. As he left his heavenly energy of water, rain, thunder and storms was awakened and the earth shook. This explains the last few days of the storms and the earthquakes. It was a sign the dragon was on the move and returning to a sleep stage. Thank Heavens..literally. May the heavens now calm.

This year, we will be like the snake. We will literally be crawling on our bellies to piece back together all that got shaken and disturbed or broken last year!! Use the earth energy to stabilize your physical body when you feel unsure of yourself and the direction you are to move. Wear stone jewelry on your body and/or meditate with the stones to ground the body. Also sit in large heavy furniture to re-stabilize the body.

Howeverrrrrrr…with that said… a word of caution….piece back together only those things that you wish to fix. If you broke it, you may wish to fix it. If someone else broke, do you really want to fix it?? If you wish, slither off in a new direction to find your new position of power. LIke the snake who slithers on the ground and hides in the grass or climbs and winds up the highest tree to see the world from an advantage point, you have the ability to access your inner intuition this year with magnificent insight and use it appropriately to move your life to places your never thought possible.

Have a fabulous day. Connect with those people who you wish to have in your life this year!! I just did!!

I hope to have the February Feng Shui aspects posted tomorrow. Today set your yearly adjustments as found in the Female Water Snake: Year of Transformation

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Feng Shui Aspects for December

Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it. The monthly adjustments, in addition to the annual flying stars, should be placed in the directional sectors of the property, home, office, or desk.

The 2013 Water Snake e-books will be available on December 21, the day the world is to end, at This year the Snake Book will also be available on Kindle and Nook and will be available after the first of the year. Printed copies will be available on January 1, 2013.

This year has been a tough year on everyone. The darn water dragon has given us the best of times and the worst of times. I, personally, am ready to bid him –adieu. This year, if you have been struggling, but still poo poo-ing Feng Shui as a valid art form, I am going to ask you to change your mindset and give these aspects adjustments a serious try. IF– your life has been in an uproar lately, what do you have to lose IF– you believe for a month and see IF it changes your life? Feng Shui is using what you have and adjusting it to align with the natural flow patterns of your home and body.

The big question on everyone’s mind this month is: Is the world going to end on December 21, 2012 or should I put up a Christmas tree and do some shopping?

If you recall- from the Water Dragon book 2012- the aspects for the day of December 21st, according to my calculations of the 4-pillar chart may possibly be tumultuous. In the Dragon Book 2012, I wrote:

[In researching this chart for the predicted Doomsday 12/21/2012, I see a huge Water day with unstable Earth and some Fire. This could be indicative of Earthquake, rains or volcanoes. However, it could also be indicative of one BIG BAD snowstorm with power outages. Only in hindsight will we know.] End quote

The energy of the day of December 21st is big ocean water, which may result in the manifestation of a tsunami, earthquake, or huge snowstorm. Based upon the world ba-gua map and the placement of the annual flying stars, there is an aspect of chaos that may hit in the Pacific Ocean around Micronesia, the Philippines, and possibly as far South as Australia on the 21st or a few before or after.

The good news is this month, the #4 of star of small wood does cross to the center of the earth ba-gua bringing with it grass and small wood rootings energy which will help to absorb some of the big water energy and stabilize the earth. Like anything, the aspects are there but the actual events of the day are hard to predict, except in hindsight.

I am leaving on an End of the World cruise on December 16th and will be at Tulum, a Mayan Ruin on December 21st. I am certainly hoping the tsunami aspect doesn’t occur. However, if it does, I have had a fantastic life with no regrets. It is written and it is done.
Nevertheless, I have had visions and insights of further events to unfold in my life so I am not fearing the end of the world nor me ending, just yet!! I do believe you will still see me around in 2013!!

With the #4 Lucky Green Star of Literary Success and Romance flying to the Center of the world this month, meeting with the #6 of power and authority it will bring changes for the better. Wood (#4) is the wealth element of metal (#6), so success in writing or directing, intelligence, job advancement, and achievement are very high. The #4 star is also referred to as the romance star so everyone may feel more loving and kind toward each other this month. However, with that said, be careful of extra marital affairs.

Place Family Pictures in the Center of the home this month to keep family bonds stronger. This month place Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold in the center of your home to bring in the energy of the Spiritual. Also place Pink Peony Flowers and a pair of birds to promote longevity and healthy life to offset the fear of the world ending.

The # 5 of Instability goes to the NW of the ba-gua this month, meeting with the #7 of Karma and Growth bringing upheaval to the Pig and the Dog. What you have not dealt with in your life, you will get to revisit this month. Place a Blue Detergent Salt Water Cure or Salt Lamp in the Northwest of your home to offset this energy. Put equal parts of water, salt, and blue detergent in a vase and set it in the NW of your home or living space. Legal entanglements or delays may frustrate you this month. Place a Spiritual Deity of Buddha, Kwan Yin, or Jesus in the NW of your home as well. Call in the energy of the deity for calming and happy home. Place a raw crystal or clear crystal ball in the Northwest to help transform the negative to the positive.

The #6 Star of Power and Authority flies to the West of the Rooster this month meeting with the #8 of wealth. The West of your home and the Rooster will see tremendous luck this month. Place 6 Metal Chinese coins or 6 American Gold Dollars in the West of your home with a water fountain and citrine stones for unexpected good fortune to find you. You may also place the metal Wealth Gods or a Golden Ship in the West symbolizing your ship coming in. Enjoy!! Let’s hope the world doesn’t end this month—the Rooster– you are on a roll!! However, a word of caution to the Rooster this month—DON’T GET TOO COCKY!! What goes up must come down.

#7 Star of Karma and Personal Growth flies to the Northeast this month meeting the #9 of Expansion bringing legal issues, conflict, and instability to the NE sector and the Ox and Tiger this month. Keep the Northeast quiet this month. The metal, fire, earth conflict may bring about improper power of aggression. Remove all excess Metal and Fire from the North East of the home this month. Place a Blue Detergent Salt Water Cure or Salt Lamp in the Northeast of your home to offset this energy. Put equal parts of water, salt, and blue detergent in a vase and set it in the NE of your home or living space. Legal entanglements or delays may frustrate you this month. Place a Spiritual Deity in the NE of your home as well. Call in the energy of the Buddha for calming and happy home. Place a raw crystal or clear crystal ball in the Northwest to transform the negative to the positive.
Place these adjustments in the NE sector of your Bedroom as well as in the NE Sector of your home.

Like the West, the South also becomes one of the most auspicious area of your home for wealth this month as the #8 of money flies its way, meeting with the #1 of Career and life path. The Horse energy may benefit from this energy this month. Place Running Horses or the Tribute Horse in the South this month running towards the center of the home. You may also place a metal Monkey on the Horse figurine or you may use the Wealth Gods, Fuk, Luk and Sau in this area to enhance wealth this month. Be sure to have running water in this area with citrine stones or gold ingots in it.

The #9 Purple Star of Expansion flies into the North this month and brings double the energy to the #2 star of illness and emotions. This month the Rat will need to vent emotions. If you do not feel safe venting your emotions verbally, journal them. If you do not wish for anyone to see the letters, burn the letters and send it to the angels to be healed. Deal with your stuff this month.

Also, add Metal, such as brass, to dissipate the Earth energy of the #2—a Metal Pagoda, a Metal Calabash, a Metal Wu-lou, and/ or other large Metal objects such as Wind chime, Metal Abacus, or Metal Ki Luns/Pi-yaos/Fu-Dogs. You may also invite the Medicine Buddha (midnight blue body) into your home. Just say–‘I invite the Medicine Buddha into my home to protect my family and myself from illness’ Place the Protection sigil in the North of the home this month to prevent accident and injury. To protect your love relationships, place a Gold Buddha in the North of the home to symbolize happy home.

The #1 of Career flies to the SW of the Home and the sector of the Sheep, Monkey and Women. The #1 of Career brings with it new opportunities and money to your life path choices. To activate the SW of the home use a Water Feature or any symbol of Water. You may also use a Bamboo Ship with Metal Ingots in the SW to symbolize your ship coming in. This can help with business luck as well as promotion or recognition in one’s field. Place the Wealth Gods, Fuk, Luk, and Sau, in this sector of your home or office.

Women, the Sheep, and the Monkey may especially feel conflicted this month making decisions between their life paths needs and career choice wants. Place a Red Buddha or Kwan Yin in the SW of the home with a clear round crystal to promote clear thinking.

The #2 star of illness and emotions flies to the East to join the annual star of #4 this month bringing with it the best of times and the worst of times for romance and emotions. This aspect will bring about much needed clearing energy to strained family relations as well as bring increased understanding to already good relationships. New boundaries can be set this month. This month is a good month to vent any pent up emotions in all business and personal relationship. These stuffed emotions can make you sick if harbored any longer. Release them and start the year anew!! If you do not feel safe venting your emotions verbally, journal them. If you do not wish for anyone to see the letters, burn the letters and send it to the angels to be healed. Also, add Metal, such as brass, to dissipate the Earth energy of the #2—a Metal Pagoda, a Metal Calabash, a Metal Wu-lou, and/ or other large Metal objects such as Wind chime, Metal Abacus, or Metal Ki Luns/Pi-yaos/Fu-Dogs. You may also invite the Medicine Buddha (midnight blue body) into your home. Just say–‘I invite the Medicine Buddha into my home to protect my family and myself from illness’ Place the Protection sigil in the East of the home this month to prevent accident and injury. To protect your love relationships, place a Gold Buddha in the East of the home to symbolize happy home.

With the #3 of Conflict flying to the SE of the Snake and the Dragon meeting up with the #5, the Snake and Dragon may find themselves in a serious month of change. Everywhere you go, it seem as though you are a stranger in your own world and skin. So, with that said—create a new world. Place a Salt Water Cure or Salt Lamp in the Southeast of your home, to offset this energy. Place a raw crystal or clear crystal ball in the Southeast to transform the negative to the positive. Also place a red Buddha or red happiness knot to calm the energy of any conflict, which may arise. Place a protective sigil in the Southeast of the home. The Dragon and Snake should carry the sigil on their body.

This month has one of the most precious feelings of humanity the year gives us. Be grateful for what you have–food, shelter, clothing, health, family, or whatever. On your Christmas, Hanukkah, or Holiday table place a bowl of fruit with gold balls, (oranges or cuties) to promote New Year of abundance. Wealth arrives in all shapes and forms. Watch for our abundance. Never use chipped dishes; they are a sign of poverty and lack. Throw them away and use dressy paper plates if you must. Also be sure to have 8 different food choices at dinner. Eight is the number of wealth. Be sure to serve a yummy dessert as a reminder of the sweetness of life.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season and I WILL see next year!!!