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The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit

The Year of the Yin Water Rabbit arrives with the New Moon of the Lunar Chinese New Year on January 22 @ 8:53 PM. The Solar New year begins February 4 at @9:10 AM during Snake hour when the earth warms and the snake emerges from the ground. Between January 22 and February 4 set your new adjustments for the New Year.

If you recall last year began  with not one, but three tigers. The three tigers caused havoc throughout the year with lots of aggression worldwide. Russia invading Ukraine has kept the world wondering how one dictator will control the world with threats. Other situation of conflict within government heads also occurred. There has been gang violence, political violence, human and child trafficking, and immigration problems resulting in multiple deaths. The #5 of instability in the center of the ba-gua caused so much sadness and confusion. We saw many young people check out of the physical world with mystery heart attacks.

This year, 2023, will hopefully give us a break from all of that “crazy”. Hopefully a man ”kind” will emerge again. The Rabbit is an animal of diplomacy and community. In contrast to the Tiger, the Rabbit will try to make peace instead of war.

The years are based upon a 60 year cycle. Sixty years ago, in 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas and Lyndon B. Johnson becomes president. A nuclear test ban treaty was signed by the U.S., Great Britain, and USSR. A Buddhist-led military group overthrows the government of South Vietnam. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous --'I Have a Dream' speech and Beatle Mania hit America. The world was full of good and bad. 

The Rabbit can be calm or vicious based upon the threats within its environment. The Rabbit can camouflage and be cunning. Don’t assume that because of the rabbit’s size he is prey. On the outside, she looks like a cute little bunny, but underneath that surface is wild March hare with sharp teeth and nails that will fight for family and principle. So be careful, don’t be fooled by appearance this year. The rabbit is swift in thought and action. 

The Rabbit is a swift moving energy coupled with the year’s energy of Wood and Water or Air and Water. This year will go fast. You will feel rushed. Take time to remind yourself to slow down and breathe. Get your rest, eat right, and exercise. Fatigue will be the illness of the year, which can lead to more serious disease if left unattended. Take this year one day at a time and rest in between.

The Four Pillar elements for the year is full of water, wood, (air) and fire. There will be more moisture, wind, and fire than last year. Earth and Metal are low. Wear jewelry with stones on your body to balance these elements. The imbalance of the elements may be blessed with mentors but also competition. Put an evil eye in your animal direction to protect yourself from gossip and back stabbing. Place a green elephant on its ear in your animal direction to remind you to slow down and listen. You may also use the peacock feathers for protection from ill will.  


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