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Spiritual Coach

Mary uses a non-denomination approach when helping people access their inner guides of spirituality and super consciousness. She teaches metaphysical levels of perspective and how to apply it to living in the physical world.  Mary tailors each session towards the client’s belief system, blending the Eastern practices of spirituality with the Western beliefs.  

Mary loves the Buddha Way, the Teachings of Jesus, and Native America drumming practice with Spirit Animals.  Mary encourages people to open their minds to the endless possibilities of our humanness.   When we recognize and honor how vast and omnipotent the human body, mind, and spirit truly is, we are enlightened. Enlightenment comes with numerous twists and turns, comforts and discomforts, but there are never any mistakes. All is as it should be. Jesus Buddha

The universe speaks to us when we listen. Mary helps you listen and recognize the 'Signs from Heaven' trying to make a connection to you. There is so much more to life than we are lead to believe when you learn to see the signs and synchronicities set forth by the universe especially for you.

Mary encourages you to reach into your soul of what you do and why you are. She urges her clients to go deeper into the depths of the Conscious, the Subconscious, and the Superconscious mind to see the world through metaphysical eyes.  It will change the way you view your world.

When the mind, body and spirit are in alignment, the soul is at peace.

Mary uses guided meditations, Labyrinth work, stones, and essential oils to bring forth the super conscious and the connection to the Creator of all that is.

Mary’s book, the Realm of Spirit, takes you further into the realms of intuitions and the mystery of life. The Realm of Spirit: The Connected Be-ing features actual stories of coincidence and angelic guidance, as well as pictures of unexplained energetic activity.



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