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Spiritual Guidance

Spirituality guidance is process used to understand your spirit, the origin of man, and your connection to it and in it. Essentially, it is the perfect alignment of mind, body, and spirit. The Body is our physical world, the mind is the connection to the earth and heaven, and the spirit is the spark of life that runs through us and is connected to both—heaven and earth. The gold cord, Heaven, which comes in through the top of your head meets at the heart chakra (Man) with the silver cord, which comes in through the feet. (Earth). The two blend perfectly together. This connectedness between Heaven and Earth can show you how there is more to life than we are lead to believe. You are sent messages from heaven daily to guide you through your life.  Watching for the signs and metaphors sent from the heavens becomes a new normal. Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance helps you understand the yin and yang of life…. the ups and downs. No one will have the perfect life, but your peace lives in how you handle all aspects of your life.

Spiritual guidance can help you understand how things do happen for a reason and later, life will show you why.

Spirituality has many meanings and is different for each person. Spiritual guidance is used to help you find your own personal connection to your Spirit. You take that journey by yourself.

The more comfortable your feel with your spirit, the closer you move toward the faith, hope, peace and the creator of all that is.



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