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Before You Build

Feng Shui is an art of design, far more complicated than just positioning your furniture. It is an art utilizing the energy of the earth's surface and the directional flow of the eight directions. It is also based upon ancient mathematical calculations of the stars and planets.

Each of the eight directions has a different effect upon our bodies. If you take a moment and think about the different effects the morning direction of East versus the ending day energy of the West has upon the mind and body, it becomes hard to deny that this energy exists. This is actually basic physics, taken one step farther. Using the Eastern profile of your personal body, we learn to use these directions to our advantage. It is important to know which directional energy is at Ying Yangits peak and when; and which direction is most auspicious for your body makeup. This information is then applied to the home, land, or business in which we reside.

First and foremost, Feng Shui applications look at the directional implications of a home or business. Secondly, the floor plan and room layout of the home is evaluated. And lastly, the decorations and furniture arrangement of the home or business.

So, before you ever purchase a piece of land, home, or business you should learn the applications of Feng Shui and your basic body profile to ensure peace, harmony, and prosperity within your home and business. Don't buy first, and then try to fix it. Buy right the first time. Donald Trump makes no move without his Feng Shui Advisor.

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