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Feng Shui & the Environment

Our environment does dictate our health and well-being, which in turn will affect our relationships, money, and outlook on life. A healthy clear environment is indicative of a healthy clean mind and body and a cluttered dirty environment sends a message of an unhealthy body, struggling to awaken in the morning. The body needs fresh air and water to survive.

The Airs, Waters, and Places, the nucleus of writings ascribed to Hippocrates, was the first dissertation on climatology. Its basic premise is that the human body is not separate from nature and heaven but a part of the energetic inner weaving of all life of all things. Thus, an old term, thousands of years old, becomes scientific. This old term is feng shui.Environment The feng shui energy or bioenergetic energy from this point on will be referred to as “chi” or “qi.” Chi or qi is considered the breath, prana, or life force that breathes vital energy into and throughout our bodies and our environment. When disharmony or disease strikes, it is thought to be a disruption of the energy flow into a vessel, whether it is the body or the home.

Interestingly and scarily enough, all the elements of our life source system are inching closer and closer to the dangers of extinction. Our water and air are becoming more and more polluted each day by industry and recklessness. The world is seeing increased incidents of asthma, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and cancer plus multiple other illnesses, which are resistant to medication.

Slowly and over time we have stressed the earth with over building and destroying it’s plant life, rain forests and mountains. We are causing species of animals to become extinct either by senseless killings and/or invasion of their wild areas by encroachment of developers. When plants and animals are gone, there will be no food source and man will starve to death. It is time to awaken and start doing something more than we are to stop the bleeding of our life sources. Our healthy survival depends upon the health of our earth, water, and air.

The Earth energy level of feng shui encompasses the grounding and stability of our life upon the topography of the Earth. It is our actual association with the Earth’s surface and the effect it has upon the human body. Scientists have studied for centuries such aspects as the Earth’s gravity, its association with the magnetic movement of the four directions, and the pressure it exerts per square inch on the Earth’s surface. These conditions of atmospheric pressure have been associated with headaches and joint pain for decades. The moon cycles in conjunction with the tides have been proven to coincide with the well-being of the emotional state of mind. Studies have shown that emergency rooms are usually busier during a full moon cycle. Animals tend to become more ill at ease and tend to pace or prowl more during the full moon as well.

In modern times, feng shui on a conscious level is used to bring the qi of living spaces into harmony with the people who live and work there. The art of feng shui helps us recognize energy patterns and changes within our environment and then teaches us how to adjust them to bring forth better health and well-being to our mind, body, and spirit.

Our external environment affects our internal state of being and vice versa. Feng shui teaches environmental consciousness—learning to become aware of harmony or disharmony within our space, and thus correcting it. Feng shui helps us use our home and business to nurture and support our well-being. On an emotional or mental level, the nature of a building or home where we live has a direct effect on the way we feel about ourselves and influences our communication with others. Our ideas, personalities, and emotions are expressed through the design of our home. Design of the home includes anything within the home that has a particular purpose. Our home becomes the communicator or self-portrait to others. As we communicate through design, we become what we see.

This gives credibility to the statement, “What you see is what you get.” If you wake in the morning and your home is pleasing to the eye, with attractive colors and items that you love, your day will likely be good. However, if you awake in the morning to a sink of dirty dishes, a cluttered home, or a home with distracting colors, chances are your day will not get any better.

Feng shui on a spiritual level has to do with manifesting the “power of thought or the spoken word.” The spiritual level of feng shui is very important in our lives, as it can form and affect our very being--with God all is possible. This is the esoteric or mystical feng shui that can change your life.

Balancing the elements of the universe is one of the most important aspects of feng shui. When you are balanced with your elements, good health of mind and body, harmony, prosperity, and peace will instinctively follow. See 4-pillar link.

Information about the benefits of Feng Shui for patients with asbestos cancer & other illnesses.



Jennifer Miller, Awareness and Outreach Coordinator for Mesothelioma writes: [Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer caused by previous asbestos exposure. Feng Shui can be highly beneficial for patients with mesothelioma and other forms of cancer, as it allows healing energy to flow properly throughout the patient’s environment. Whether a patient is spending an extended period of time in a hospital room or receiving treatment in their home or a cancer center, a Feng Shui practitioner can examine the environment and make suggestions for arranging the patient’s space so that there is minimal geopathic stress, and an abundance of positive, free-flowing energy. In fact, the American Cancer Society understands that this practice, when combined with medical treatments for cancer, can be beneficial. While Feng Shui is not a cure for mesothelioma or any type of cancer, it can be an advantageous addition to a patient’s treatment plan. We now feature content on our website focused on the benefits of Feng Shui for cancer patients. In an effort to provide our website visitors with more information about this practice, we have also created a nationwide directory of Feng Shui resources.] Please visit the Mesothelioma website.



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