Feng shui

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Feng Shui

Feng shui does for the home what acupuncture does for the body. 

Feng shui (pronounced fung schway) is an ancient art of placement derived from the belief that unique, mysterious, and unseen Earth energy forces interact with our surroundings, creating harmony or disharmony depending on the specifics of the interaction.

Feng shui deals with three levels of energy affecting the human body: physical, mental, and spiritual. It is an eco art dealing with conservation, ecology, orientation,Lucky Bamboo spatial arrangements, and interior design. When one aspect of the body is out of sync, all areas are affected. This is why it is so important to understand the physical aspect of our existence before we can understand and access the quantum mind theories of our existence. 

We create our homes and chose our environments based upon what is happening inside our minds and body.  This home becomes a trigger for behavior and our patterns in life. Understanding the basics of feng shui and your physical environment will help stabilize the chakras of the body so the mind can access and process the information that goes into its super consciousness to make the changes needed to life a truly blissful life. As the body and mind are at peace, truth and clarity are seen. We begin to trust the higher vibration level and are more able to access information from the Cosmos/God. For more information on feng shui and behavior read Mary's books... 

The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui

Reconnecting your Spirit: Seeing the Possibiliites



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