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The Secret to Good Health

On Airs, Waters, and Places

Hippocrates was a Greek physician and considered the Father of Medicine. His work is credited with the Hippocratic oath, which is the ethics of medical practice, still used today in medicine. Hippocrates believed in a therapeutic approach based upon the healing power of nature. Nature was and is considered our biggest healer.
He believed that when a person reached the crisis point in the progression of a disease, the body would either heal or die. It was a humble and sensible approach.

One of my favorite works by Hippocrates in the Hippocrates Corpus is On Airs, Waters and Places. According to this idea, the body contains within itself the power to heal itself, if placed in the right environment.  Basically—Feng Shui of the land. Hippocrates believed that rest and limited movement was the best medicine. Treatment must be gentle to prevent further trauma to the body—physically, mentally, and spiritually. The body was kept clean and only clear water or wine was used on wound; though dry treatment was preferable.  Topicals were used if necessary.  Hippocrates rarely used drugs. He preferred fasting and a mixture of honey and vinegar to cleanse. He believed food fed the illness.

He believed the environment in which you live also affected the health. The air you breathe must be clean; the water you drink must be pure; and place your live—whether it is cold, hot, humid, or dry, must resonate with your body type and temperature. I invite you to read the essay, On Airs, Waters and Places.  It may change the way your view your health and environment.



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