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Pearls of the Soul

“We will create masters, who will be the captains of their own destiny”
~~ Pearls of the Soul

Five ordinary women have come together to help bring magic, miracles, mindfulness, conscious awareness, and spiritual connection to others. These ordinary women have experienced extraordinary things, good and bad, which lead them to this crossroads. As they all met at the crossroads, they decided to walk the next sector of the road together to bring their experiences and years of knowledge together to share with others. Access Website


Meet the first Pearls of what we hope will be a long necklace chain:
5 Pearls
Cathy Lee Thornton, Mesquite Nevada and Sterling Utah, graduated from NewYork Regents as an RN. She worked psyche and was a prison nurse for over thirty years until she retired in 2018. Cathy has had many stories she will share from her experiences within the penal system. She understands the psyche behind the behavior.

Cathy enjoys skiing , studying Religion and spiritual modalities. She likes trying her hand at artistic endeavors. Cathy loves include her husband, 7 kids 17 Grand children, and her pets. Halloween...or Samhein is her favorite time of year.

Cathy says, “ I love my savior Jesus Christ and have been waiting for this journey I AM about to embark upon, my entire life!

Deborah Egbert has been a Massage Technician since 1988. Deborah has always been driven to learning more in healing energy and health and is especially mindful of: JOY IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!

Deborah has many continuing educations certifications in the healing modality field. Deborah feels that while certifications are important in the learning process, she feels the intuition skills, learned through Mary Shurtleff, have been equally helpful in learning to trust her own abilities while working with clients. She also credits Dr. David Ranks Neuropsychologist and Tao Tan and all the Chinese Dr’s in GuanAnMen Hospital in Beijing China for her vast knowledge in energy work. Deborah spent time in Beijing China where she certified in Tuina/Anmo Gigong. Deborah’s journey eventually lead her to Dr. Bradley Nelson and Emotion Code and Body Code Certifications and seminars. Deborah also uses sound therapy with her clients, in the form of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and Native American Drumming, because the sound and vibration releases trapped emotions blocked chakras and anxiety. She studied sound therapy at AMTA convention class and studied with Native Americans in New Mexico for Hot Rock Massage.

Deborah says’ “This work is my passion as I continue to seek Rendering the Greatest Service in the Greater Good for all. I enjoy coaching and listening to others experiences and knowledge. We all benefit from one another when we understand LOVE IS THE ANSWER, LAUGHTER IS THE BETTER WAY TO LIVE AND GRATITUDE IS THE MAP TO JOY IN FULFILLMENT OF GREATNESS! My old beliefs were life was always throwing me to wolves now I TRULY BELIEVE LIFE WAS AND IS THERE FOR ME TO FULFILL MY PROMISE I MADE IN SPIRIT THAT I COULD DO IT AND I AM GRATEFUL FOR CHALLENGES THAT FULFILL THE GREATER GOOD FOR US ALL!

Deborah’s business, Holistic Pain Relief Clinic, is located in Midvale, Utah. For more information on massage and Body Code visit Deborah’s website at Holistic Pain Relief clinic or call 801-568-9905. Deborah can be contacted at tuinaashi07@hotmail.com

Mary Shurtleff, Mesquite Nevada and South Jordan, Utah, is an author, national and international motivational and spiritual cheerleader, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Feng Shui Interior designer, Theta Healer, and a Six Sensory Practitioner.

Mary has taken energy healing into the 21st century by combining spiritual connection, meditation, behavior modification methods, Feng Shui, Labyrinth work, animal totem work, sound and stones healing to help people discover the connection between the miracles in life and the magic out there waiting to be unfolded.

Mary’s journey with breast cancer brought her closer to Jesus Christ and her God. The cancer experience, plus her time with God, during a second emergency surgery, two hours after the first surgery, set her on this path. Mary laid in the hands of God. God is real.

Mary has created a sanctuary in Mesquite, Nevada, which includes a 60 foot labyrinth and a salt room nestled into a half acre garden complete with angel wings, a 5x7 foot picture of Jesus, a Tea Path, and a fairy garden. The garden is open to anyone who needs to step back and breath and receive messages from the heavens.

Mary says, “The garden and labyrinth saved my life. I was able to connect with God when the world around me seemed to be in chaos and too noisy with chatter of what was best for me. I followed my instincts and here I AM.”

Mary has written a trilogy about mind, body, and spirit called The Connected Be-ing. This series includes the titles of The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui, Reconnecting Your Spirt:Seeing the Possibilies and The Realm of Spirit. For more info on Mary, visit here website at www.maryshurtleff.com or email to designwisdom@yahoo.com with subject line to Pearl of the Soul.

Pamela Jacob, Millcreek, Utah, joined this group of women to help share with other women how to come through some of your darkest hours and trauma. She is the proof that women of a certain age can start over and be fulfilled.

Pamela is the mother of two and grandmother of 6. She was born and raised in Utah and lived in Houston for 5 years where she went to school. Since 1998 Pam has owned a studio called Artista Design where she develops websites, graphic design, social media, online marketing, blogging and consulting.

Pamela would like you to know: “Like a lot of you I have had many heart aches and traumas. I recently lost my husband to a horrible disease. The last year of his life I drop everything to taking care of him at home. Taking care of a loved one is a full time job and that year of my life I wouldn’t give back for anything. I had a broken heart but a full spirit.”

While Pamela was going through one of the toughest times of her life, she created a ghost blog called http://survivinglifeafter50.com

Shirley Allred, Tabiona, Utah, went from the corporate world to living off grid which led her on a spiritual journey of self discovery. She never fit in with the family she was born into and spent most of her life questioning situations and people. As a young child she created the belief earth was hell and when we died we went to heaven. With that being said, she betrayed herself and her gifts until her spiritual awakening.

After her brothers suicide she delved into learning and completed courses in Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro – Linguistic Programming), Theta and many other modalities in order to make sense of her life along with yearning to learn about the mind and how our beliefs create our world here on the earth plane.

She always believed in Angels and felt them around her as she also knew she was protected. She did not believe in God due to past experiences while attending church. She did venture out and explored many different religions and simply didn’t connect with God until her spiritual awakening. The years prior to her spiritual awakening she attempted to read the bible and simply could not get past the first page of the bible. She now reads the bible daily and see’s the value.

One night as she laid in bed looking for a home to purchase she was prompted to look into recreational property and this is where she was inspired to purchase her cabin. It was synchronicity she responded to an ad which had been place 5 minutes prior. From the moment she set foot on the land she felt at home for the first time in her life. Each day she gives thanks to Mother Earth for sharing this amazing land. The land has a vortex which has assisted in her healing along with her connection with God.

Shirley invites you to visit her website @ www.shirleyallred.com where she has a blog, accepts donations along with events, and much more. Her email address is Shirleyallredandspirit@gmail.com or 435-503-8174

The Pearls of the Soul are Pearl Angels. Pearls are symbols of wisdom and drops of water. Drops of water make up creeks, streams, rivers, oceans. All water drops are welcome in the streams, creeks, rivers, oceans, to complete the whole. We welcome all into our circle.

[The infinite oneness of the Soul is the eternal sanction of all mortality. This oneness is the rationale of all ethics and all spirituality~~~ Swami Vivekananda

Drops of water hold the vibration of your thoughts, as put forth by Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist in his bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water, a study about water consciousness.

As we cast our bread (thoughts and action) upon the water, that same action comes back to you like ripples in the water. Simply translated it is karma. One thought, one act can spread happiness, pain, or anger from one to another.
Our Mission statement as Pearls of the Soul are connectivity, like a string of pearls, to spread joy and hope. We wish you pearls.

Oh—To be alive in such an age when miracles are everywhere
and every inch of common air
throbs a tremendous prophecy of greater marvel yet to be.
~~Walt Whitman

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