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The miracles begins when ones feels that connection and synchronicity OF MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT aligning in unity. Mary's profiles in her lectures and classes the importance of physical symbols in your life, mind set and lifestyles, and last but not least, the personal connection to Spirit.

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Mary Dillin-Shurtleff of Design Wisdom is an Author, spiritual coach, motivational speaker,  hypnotherapist, and feng shui expert, who teaches her audiences how to manage the stressors in their lives in a program called: The Connected Be-ing. 

Mary is the author of a three book series-

  • The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui
    Addresses home environment and how you fit into it.
  • Reconnecting Your Spirit
    Seeing the Possibilities, addresses your thought patterns and processes, in conjunction with how they are exhibited in your home and life.
  • (The Book in the series that supports the Spirit)  Realm of Spirit: The Connected Be-ing
    is the third book in the series, taking you further into the realms of spirit and intuitions--the God/Spirit Energy--the place where miracles occur. This book, encourages you to reach deeper into the depths of your mind and view the world through metaphysical eyes. It teaches you how to watch for the signs and metaphors sent from the heavens to guide you daily through your life. The Realm of Spirit: The Connected Being features actual stories of coincidence and angelic guidance, as well as pictures of unexplained energetic activity. In the words of St. Ignatius of Loyola, “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no amount of proof is sufficient.”  Realm of Spirit:  The Connected Being will change the way you view your world.

Mary has been a featured speaker for the International Feng Shui Guild and the National Guild of Hypnotists. Various government and private corporations have hired Mary to do workshops for employees about bringing balance to the working Buddhaenvironment.

Mary also teaches classes and private students nationwide. Mary has interviewed on various radio shows throughout the United States and has appeared on local television in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Mary has been featured on “World’s Greatest TV” show appearing on the Ion Channel. See Mary on You Tube

Mary is a client and a blog writer for Annie Jennings PR — America’s Leading Publicity Firm in New Jersey and has done various interviews with radio stations all over the United States since 2009. Mary does writing for various magazines and blogs through the Internet world, as well.

Mary developed and instructed a credit and non-credit class on the “Basics of Feng Shui: Stress Management” at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. This class incorporated Feng Shui and behavior modification methods to facilitate stress management.

Mary has been instrumental in bringing Feng Shui mainstream into the intellectual field in Utah.



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