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After studying Feng Shui with Mary for over 4 years I have completely changed my Brooklyn Morrislife. Prior to Mary I was stuck in relationships that were toxic and behavioral patterns that were not healthy. I have incorporated Feng Shui into every aspect of my life thanks to the help of Mary and have successfully followed my passions, finished my master's degree, married a wonderful man, had a beautiful baby girl, and now embarking on a teaching opportunity. I believe that none of these things would have happened if I didn't meet Mary and have her guide me with Feng Shui and hypnosis to better my life.

Brooklyn Morris

I met Mary while attending a Theta Healing class and as a fellow hypnotherapist, we instantly felt a bond between us. I offer monthly meditation classes and was asked by some of my clients to do a meditation group on the topic of clear boundaries. I have had issues with boundaries with my extended family for years and as I was putting together the syllabus, I quickly realized that I, myself, needed to apply clearer boundaries to my own life.

I decided to write my mother a letter expressing my concerns and perspectives and asked Mary to read it over before I sent it. Mary sent the letter back to me with the suggestion to come from an intellectual perspective instead of an emotional one. For years I had attempted to communicate with mom with my emotions, and it really didn’t work. Shirley

I wrote about 3 or 4 more practice letters before getting intellectually clearer as to what I needed to say, using some of the methods from the Reconnecting your Spirit book. I did send the final copy to my mother and it opened honest communication between us.

Mary has not only assisted me with setting clear boundaries with my mom, but other family members as well. Learning to set these clear boundaries has turned my life in a positive direction with my family, friends, and clients. I noticed when I shifted, those around me shifted as well.

I feel so much happier and at peace. Thanks to Mary and myself (for doing the work), I have a whole new outlook on life which has made me an even more confident NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist.

Shirley Allred ~ CHT, NLP, Intuitive Advisor

Pamela JacobMary is amazing – the 4 Pillar Profile really illuminated a lot of things and gave me a better understanding of myself. The reading she gave was so accurate – I also had a chart done for my husband and talk about hitting the nail on the head! The profile fit him to a T and gave me a better understanding of his motivations. I would encourage everyone to contact Mary and make an appointment. It is well worth the price.

Pamela Jacob ~ Millcreek, UT

Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui

Book Review by Sharon Sudol, Editor, International Feng Shui Guild Grapeview, March 2007

"What I love about Mary's book is that it gets right to the soul of Feng Shui: Mind, Body, Spirit Connection.  This easy to read 205 page book fills a void in other books published on the subject by focusing on the metaphysical aspects of Feng Shui, including the development of intuition, one of the most important skills in the practice of Feng Shui."

Book Reviews from Amazon

At first I was a bit intimidated by the title, however, after reading the introduction I knew this was a book I wanted to read.

Mary's writing style is very "user friendly" and she has a great message. I enjoyed the book so much and was sharing various sections with a friend who also ended up buying the book and loving it!!! I didn't really understand Feng Shui very well before reading this book, but I did realize that my environment plays a big part in how I feel and what happens in my life.

Mary has studied and thoroughly understands many disciplines and how they affect our well-being and is able to weave them together to help you to make your environment supportive to your body, mind and spirit. I am not a writer and cannot do this book justice . . . if you read it, you will be glad that you did.

Anne Stone ~ California

This book incorporates the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of Feng Shui in an exciting and inspiring way. I loved the writing style, unlike most Feng Shui books this one is very easy to follow and goes deeper into the metaphysical and meditation.

Brooklyn Morris

Reconnecting The Spirit - Practitioner Training

There are few in the world of I-Ching, Feng Shui and Hypnosis who have the power Mary exhibits to bring the true form into practical use of daily life. She has studied these and several other arts to the level of an expert. Then through her books she brings us an obtainable explanation. Her advice is timely and insightful.

When Mary first came into my life to help me with the Feng Shui of my home, I learned very quickly how little I knew and understood. But over time, and with great patience, she guided me on my path of learning and discovery. She would not allow Lynetteme to submit to my fears, but demanded that I set my sight on my goals and move forward.

My home is a welcoming place of peace because of her help and my life is unfolding to new possibilities every day. Mary does not just talk the talk. She walks the walk. And she makes it a wonderful experience along the way. You will find love and laughter are as important as understanding the flow of energy through your home and your life.

You will find through her words that she is a true friend who truly says only what will uplift and energize your life. She speaks only the truth that is important. She is kind and generous in her demonstration of how to apply knowledge of Qi to you life.

Lynette Jones ~ Masters of Science, EFT Cert.I, T.F.H.P, N.E.T.P
Apprentice Feng Shui consultant/4 Pillar Profile


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