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Feng Shui Water Adjustment

During the times that feel unstable, fill a medium size vase with water, salt, and seven pieces of metal. You can use copper or silver alloy to start a chemical reaction.  You may use colloidal silver or silver jewelry or coins for the silver and copper. Place it in your bedrooms, middle of your home, office, and any area where family gathers. You

I have been asked if this is a pony and dog show or if it really works. I personally use it because I can tell by the accumulation of scum in the vase that something is happening. I am not a scientist, but I can see when the solution becomes contaminated.  These contaminates are pollutants to the body and home that have been pulled from the air.

In this combo, salt is used as antiseptic. It absorbs negativity while puttingEnvironment negative ions, the good kind, back into the air. Air contaminates may include chemicals, dust, mold, etc. and can cause allergies.  Salt rooms have become very popular for many respiratory conditions and detoxing the lungs of these pollutants.

Water has always been used to cleanse and absorb pollutants from the air too. Use water to hydrate the body and home. It helps to detox both. I have a large fountain in my foyer that adds tremendous humidity to my home. We have to change the water out every few weeks because of the air quality.

 Silver in the water is also used to disinfect.  Colloidal silver was used for millenniums to stop the spread of disease until the 1940 when antibiotic because available. Wives tales say that before refrigeration,  a silver coin was put into a container of raw milk as a preservative, to prevent the growth of  bacteria and other organisms that could make you sick.

This year there has been much controversy about using Colloidal silver internally for covid. I personally don’t use colloidal silver internally but know those who do use it successfully. I prefer to diffuse the colloidal silver water into the air when I feel the air needs cleaned. However,  I am NOT  a doctor. Always do your own homework and educate yourself on what you put into your body. Cross reference all information several times to ensure accuracy. Talk to naturopaths and your medical provider.

The copper in this combo is a metal that has a high electrical and thermal conductivity and causes a chemical reactions within the solution.

I also recommend adding plants to your home. The plants take in carbon dioxide and put off oxygen. We all need more oxygen in the home and body.

Be well and live life on your terms.



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