Chinese New Year’s Preparations

As with any new beginning, you start from scratch. The Solar New Year begins on February 4th. The lunar Chinese New Year officially begins on February 12. Wipe your slate clean and start over!! Be bold!! 

Begin making the preparations by making resolutions to do better. Start your year by clearing out of the past and begin setting your New Year aspirations for the year. A positive attitude, a smile on your face, and a few ideas in your head are all that are needed for a successful Chinese New Year.  Break all vows of poverty, obligations, and expectation. Let life flow. Say out loud 9X —I accept  an  abundance of  health, happiness, and prosperity into my  life. 

Feng shui principles require that you set your mental, physical, and spiritual stage to pave the way for achieving your goals in the New Year. Make a template or vision board of those things you would love to happen for you. Then pray and cross the bridge to  that part of your soul believing it will. Manifesting is easier when you involve your God Modality. Everyone has one. To engage your inner spiritual powers, begin by meditating daily to gain insight into your innermost dreams and desires. Pray for guidance and then listen and follow that instruction. 

We are affected by symbols and unconscious influence. We know instinctively what is surrounding us and  we pick up on the energy and the mind manifests it. Make sure your surroundings are clean, happy, and prosperous. A healthy home makes a healthy body. The home is the canvas from your mind. What is it saying about you? You are transparent in all you do. 

A few days before the New Year buy a new wallet or purse to enter the year fresh. Put cash in your wallet on New Year’s Eve as a symbol of an abundant year. Cash in your wallet means you are never broke. Make it a habit  to keep mad money tucked away  in a secret compartment and don’t touch it unless it is an emergency. And then replace it as quickly. 

Clean your house.  Declutter.  Recycle, reduce, reuse. Throw out all expired food and medicines. Take old clothing or household items to a thrift shop or give them away. Giving them away creates good karma. Do it not for karma, but because your heart genuinely loves the feeling of helping someone else. 

Stock your shelves with new healthier food. Refined process food and sugar are bad for health. This year make a vow to limit them. Chose fresh vegetable and fruits when possible. Limit animal fats and cook with good oils like olive or coconut,  if you must use oil. Even butter is better to cook with  than some processed oils. Throw out the fake butter. Many margarines have  transfat. Read all labels. 

Open your windows and let fresh air in. Gifts in, garbage out. Let out last year’s energy out  and let in the New Year’s blessings. Buy new doormats. Put the words OH AH HUM on the back in black marker. This stops negative energy at the front door. 

Pay off all bills or payments before the New Year to go into the New Year, debt free and stress free.  

If you place feng shui items, go through your home and gather all items in one spot and wipe clean with water. If possible place outside and let them soak in the moon and sun. Bring them back inside and  spray with a mixture of orange oil and frankincense oil water. Once dried,   place in appropriate place. Watch the video at

Go forward with a positive mind, healthy body, and the engage Spirit. Only you can make your life better when you live in the way God intended.  Be the master of your own destiny and the Captain of your ship. 

Happy New Year! 

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