December Flying Stars Aspects

Happy Holidays!! 

The year 2020 has been a year of clearing out the junk and exposing corruption. It has been a time of learning to appreciate what we have.

This month from December 7th to January 7th will be the best of times and the worst of times. The monthly flying stars line up with the annual flying stars creating either instability or advancement. 

This month,  the world will be full of karmic retribution.  It is more exposure of lies, secrets, and deception. The #7 can be the number of Seventh Heaven or the lowest place of heaven where karma resides. This year has been full of awareness and exposure for those who chose to see it. This occurred on a world level, personal level, business level, etc. The chaos was in every aspect of our lives. We all had the choice to clear it or hang on tighter to it.  Is this the ‘reckoning’ of man? Are we being called upon to be accountable for our actions in life? Are we being given a chance to reset? 

God created species to survive. That is how animals have survived man’s attempt to extinct them. That is how the earth has survived man’s attempt to dominate it. That is how plants have survived man’s attempt to rip it up and replace it. All life is adaptable. Animals have grown smarter. Plants have learned to grow in rocks and concrete to survive. The earth shakes when it’s had enough violation. 

Now, will man survive? Is this virus perhaps showing man he is not the dominating force on earth?  Man is out of step with the feng shui or bioenergetics of the earth and the heavens. Man fights each other. Man fights the earth, animals, and plants. There seems to be no peace on earth when  man tries to control. So, what must happen to make it so?  

I don’t know. But God does. A power higher than self knows. Maybe everyone needs to lock into that energy again. This is the month to do so. 

In the Center and South of your home this month, place salt and water to absorb negative energy. Negative energy is positive ions and positive energy is negative ions. Crazy, I know. 

Salt and water give off negative ions and dissipate the positive ions of pollution, toxic chemicals, mold and other harmful chemicals in the air. The negative ions are basically wind, air, and water. Nature. The balance of nature’s elements of air/wood, water, metal, earth, and fire—feng shui.  Fresh air/wind and water literally clean the air.  Fire purges the earth.  Metal offers protection and clarity.  All the elements join forces to balance the earth, our home. 

Salt, an earth mineral, is also a disinfectant from the earth and can absorb negative energy or positive ions.  Using salt and water, dispersed throughout your home, may clear all viruses as well.  Disclaimer: This is my opinion, and I am not a scientist. I am intuitive.

This month, just for fun or serious business, everyone should be diligent and place a bowl of salt or a vase of saltwater in the center and South of the home to calm the energy of the earth. 

This month the  Southeast is a good place to put a prayer room or altar. The energy has some heavenly luck this year and this month it is doubled. In this space, pray for guidance. Open up your power centers of the body and listen,  instead of speaking. Place your favorite deity here to remind you of something larger than your mere mortal status. Place family pictures or items of things you feel need attention. Ask this question:  What is it I am to know and understand to do for my highest good? Place a small vase of still water to cleanse the area. 

The West, Northwest, Southwest, and the Northeast are good directions to advance your prosperity. Place vision boards or goal enhancing items here. Place a bowl of apples to remind you of good health and happiness. A laughing Buddha is always auspicious in these areas. After all, when you are happy and healthy you have everything.  Place small moving water and turn on fans to advance the energy. Prayers flags are good in this area,  as well. 

In the North,  place extra lighting this month to warm up the atmosphere. The energy here is in conflict. Salt lights would be acceptable, as well as a red rug with gold trim. Place anything of peace in this area—a deity of peace, perhaps. 

The East of family sector is under stress. This month remove all fire energy from the East and use water to balance the energy. The positive ions of the earth reside here this month. Use saltwater and plants to buffer and absorb. Salt lights are acceptable here too. 

This month will be another time of clarity.  Remember…sometimes instead of letting go, we can only let it be and move out of the way. 

I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, or however you chose to celebrate the season. No matter what you wish to call it,  please remember the reason for the season—–Peace on earth to mankind! Every belief can practice that. Be kind, donate to charities when you can, and create good karma and let the rest go!! 

Your thoughts are matter and thoughts matter. I wish you peace. 

Love Mary

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