Flying Star Aspects for October

October Blog for Flying Stars Aspects

This year of 2020 has been a dozy, all over the world. That contradictive #7 of the instability in the middle of the Ba-gua can be 7th Heaven or 7th Hell. However according to Eastern Astrology,  the #7 star combined with the metal rat, which can bring disease but is also shrewd in all his personal and business workings, is the reason the world is so upside down this year.  Be patient, he will be gone soon. The winter solstice, December 21st,  starts ushering the Rat out and the Yin Metal Ox in. Thank God. The Ox is an  animal of conscience,  honest, loyalty, faithfulness, and hard work. The metal aspect will make him/her  more disciplined and wiser. We need all of that after the year we have had. 

However, your response to the year is your own. NO ONE can make you say anything or make you act out– without your responsibility in that decision. I hear all the time…. But HE, SHE, THEY made me do it. NO ONE makes you do anything, unless you are held captive, against your will, and have no choice. I am going to say that again……. NO ONE makes you do anything, unless you are held captive, against your will, and have no choice. Don’t blame others for your poor choices. Life is a choice. Make good choices. 

This year has exposed lies, secrets, and deceptions and the true colors that lie under the persona and masks people put on in public. This year has seen friendships, marriages, and families destroyed by the masks coming off. The masks of government and religion have also been revealed and now we all stand in shock at what we have swept under the rug for years. Surprised? I’m not. It’s been building for decades. 

Next year, hopefully, we ALL can and will  clean up the disaster area with hard work and wisdom and learn from the lessons presented this year. 

The month of October 2020,  can still be a bit bumpy, in fact a lot bumpier. The East, West, and center of the home will be affected the most. 

The expansion star meets the #7 of deception, burglary, and karma in the Center of the ba-gua affecting everyone. Place a large vase of 1/3 salt water, 1/3 blue detergent, and 1/3 water in the center of your home to stabilize that energize. It helps absorb and emits negative ions to balance. This month we may see more of what we saw earlier in the year. Total chaos with no apparent mindful reasoning or conscience.  Place the Sigil with the mantra–OH AH HUM — in the center of the home to bring in a mindful, more peaceful energy. You may wish to copy the sigil and tape it to your front door and affected windows.


The #5  of instability and #7 meet in the East for instability in family. Place the same water combination, as recommended above, in the East of the home or office as well. This month, watch your words, they will bite you later. Words thrown out can’t be taken back and it cracks trust.

The West has the #2 of illness fly to its sector, meeting the expansion star. Place the same water combo, as above, here too. You may also place the Blue Medicine Buddha. And always remember to have the sigil symbol on windows of these spaces if possible.  Eat properly, get your rest, and exercise in moderation. Even heavy exercise can hurt this month. 

Blue Medicine Buddha…
photographer unknown

The Southwest this month is powerful for women. Use this space to create. Place gold coins, money, or Victory Horse here for creative abundance. Write, sing, dance, create. 

Victory Horse

The North is a fire hole for angst. Place extra metal  and heavy still water here. Write the mantra—OH AH HUM– on a piece of paper  and place in the North to dispel the negative energy. This month….the Metal Rat is active, and we may see more chaos.  Place the protective sigil in the North as well. 

In the Northeast this month– place apple, round crystals, or something smooth to get you through smoothly. There is an energy for quarreling over personal money and business. Remain calm and drink lots of water. Limit alcohol, soda, and medication. They impair judgment. Clear thought and reasoning will be needed this month to stay upright. 

The South is good to mend relationships this month. Place items of peace and spirituality in this area. Also place a bowl of apples  for health and keep your wu-lus and gourds in place. 

Wu Lu

This month, stay grounded. Don’t do anything stupid. Be patient with yourself and those around you. The world will seem crazy, but your home doesn’t have to be. It is indeed your sanctuary. Create it! 

I wish you peace, love, and joy. 


*all articles are copyright by Mary Shurtleff. They may be shared but must keep author credit on them. Thank you. 

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