New Year Preparations

New Year-preparation Blog: 

Whoa— can you believe it? The end is near!! One more day and another year and decade is in the rear view mirror. 

Miracles occurs when they come from the pure of your heart. In order to find the pure of your heart, you have to chip away the shields you have erected to protect it. 

Only the pure of heart can manifest the secrets of violet flame effectively. Do you want to learn how? 

Today— write two letters. 
Write one letter of despair— documenting all the crud—-anxiety, worry, anger, sadness, grief, depression, regrets, and blah blah blah in your life you want to get rid of. It can be people, thoughts, behaviors, situations. Break all vows of obligation and unhappiness that no longer work for you.

However, never wish harm on anyone else and remember this is about you— not anyone else. Karma is a bitch. You got yourself in the mess you are in — no one made you. And if they did— put them at the top of the list to break the vow of obligation to them. Then sprinkle your world with self respect and some guts!! No one can make you do something or be treated a certain way without your permission. If you stay in that space — that’s on you! 

In this first letter—Dwell on that negative for as long as you need until it grows weary or boring. Because—- once you’re weary or bored— change will occur!! 

Set that paper aside! It will be burned! It no longer is who you are! As you wrote and processed your energy, your paradigm shifted. Allow that shift without pulling yourself back into it. It’s okay to let the past be passed!! Obligation to others be gone. You now obligate where you want— freely. 

Round two: now with your new freedom— Write about your next year or decade. What do you want your life to look like? Better job, better health, better friend relationships, new family dynamics, marriage, babies, improved knowledge, more travel??? What does your vision look like for the future?? 

Write it down. Be selfish if you must, then give more of yourself later. Be pure of heart. Dream big. Fake it until you make it. However, if you can create it in your mind— there is no faking it— you’re half way there!! 
In this letter write only in positive words. 

Examples: my body and soul will be healthier from this moment forward. I will eat intuitively by knowing what foods are good for me. My body will reject those empty foods that don’t nourish my body. My body enjoys movements. My body will rest when it needs too. I allow a deeper sleep cycle this year to rebuild my cells and mental agility and physical stamina. I vow to be healthy and have longevity! I am immortal! 

Feel it!! Feel the energy building at the feet and flooding the body upward with strong earth energy and erupting from the top of your head with a shield of protective energy. 

I accept only healthy relationships into my life. I will recognize truth and honest communications. The rest will fall away. I will cultivate deeper friendships with family and friends this year with trust and faith. 
I vow to love and be loved completely, without reservation. 🥰

I accept prosperity into my life so I may help myself and others. I put my self-help mask on first and as I grow stronger, I am capable of seeing what others need and I can help them when needed. I recognize the difference between helping or enabling an already losing situation. 

I vow to be prosperous, with harm to none. 

I love money and what it can buy for myself and others. Money is an abundance energy. Anyone can obtain it with mental alchemy. I vow to be abundant with money with harm to none. 

In your letter pray for others too— family members, friends, neighbors. I even pray for those who I know dislike me and wish me harm. Yes, I have them in my life. I pray they find their way through the darkness. It serves no one— only evil. Only light and love heals. We all have bad days— but don’t stay there!! 

Put anything in your letter you wish to manifest— new job, new home, new car, new baby, spouse, friends, more travel, etc etc etc. your list is only as long as your imagination. 

Most of all—in your letter—ask for the path that leads you to your highest and best good, easily and effortlessly with harm to none. Make yourself that beacon of hope that others can emulate and be better for knowing you. Be kind, be compassionate, be tolerate, be patient, be loving. Be the magic someone needs to see!

Next step—See the visions of this writing, feel the lust and passion of it. Lust and passion are good— they keep us alive. The opposite is depression, which you let go in the first letter. 

If you can’t feel the passion for the new beginning— go back— to step one letter. You need to keep releasing old patterns, guilts, and “hanger-ons that you think are still serving you. Are they? Are they still serving you? Are they bringing you peace? 

This process can take ten minutes or all day and night. Write and stop. Then add to it. That’s why you need to start now!! 

Next step: Tomorrow evening you will burn your first letter of negativity. As it burns see all the past and darkness you wish to release go up in smoke never to be an active part of you again. You will always retain the lesson, but not the emotion. That emotion is the passion and lust. Sometimes after you burn letters like this—a week or two later you may notice someone will mention a circumstance to you and you have forgotten, not only the emotion, but part of the memory too. It’s surreal. I love it when that happens. And if that happens, let it go— don’t try to remember!! It means it is truly unimportant and you have healed. Yay!! Sometimes this smoke will appear dark. Pay attention. 

After the burning, give yourself a moment to let that energy release and leave. Then take a fresh cleaning breath, hold it, and see the rest of that negative feeling cleanse on the exhale. Visualize all
residual toxins leaving the body on the exhale. Take several breathes to fully cleanse. Sit a moment and regroup. 

Next step: the next letter of manifestation. Hug the letter, kiss the letter, and see the good things from the letter coming to you in the new year. Process and feel your passion coming from the letter. 

And when you’re ready— burn this letter too. As this letter burns see the smoke as wishes to the heavens. Take a breath and breathe in the rainbows, the hearts, and goodness the universe has to offer. Many times this smoke will be lighter in color and feel and actually burns faster. It’s crazy to watch!! I love it when that happens. Awareness is the keys to enlightenment. 

After both burnings— sit a moment with your body. Let it settle.

I wish you the best decade possible. Namaste!! 😍  🎉 Celebration 🎊

Tomorrow: I will post a Violet flame meditation! 

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