October Feng Shui Animal Aspect for Fortune

October already!! Gads, where has this year gone?   

This month the metal Dog enters the picture. The dog is diplomatic and wise. Not much will get by the dog, especially a metal dog. The metal dog can be the most aggressive of all dogs. He can be known as the junkyard dog. 

The metal dog is very synergetic with the water tiger. The water tiger is most intuitive and mellow and operates from the gut.  The metal dog has strong morals and beliefs. They believe in justice. The metal dog will bark his mind. They are the most selfless but can be aggressive when challenged. The practical dog this month can calm the energy of the Tiger. The tiger brings strength to the dog’s much-needed boundaries. The dog gives much and expects little. The tiger gives little and expects much. This is the balancing of energies. Which one are you this month?  Adjust accordingly. There is no right answer. 

With the #3  energy of conflict and change flying to the center of the universe, this month could be one of clashes. Your last nerve may get stepped on, especially if you have high metal. 

The partnership of Tiger and Dog may override chaos and cultivate in harmony. Watch your words and be willing to be the diplomat and the solution. 

This month,  the combo of #5 and #3 can bring forth money complications. Because of the volatility of the two, the stock market may be a crazy ride this month. Adjust accordingly.  Don’t take uncalculated risks this month. 

Normally for #3,  we place red. However, this month with the annual #5 in this space…NO RED!! Place metal in the center of the home to cut through the wood energy and dissipate the earth of the #5. You may place a Silver Buddha or deity here to support peace.  Place heavy metal to stabilize the energy. 

If the center of the home is a kitchen area,  you may place red apples. The apple in mythology is known to symbolize good health and future happiness. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The apple is associated with Aphrodite’s and known as the Tree of Love. Love calms conflict always. One can never have too much love in their life. 

The #4 of love flies into the Northwest and Patriarchal area. As the #4 meets up with the annual #6 star of power, the two complete the sum of ten. The sum of ten is very auspicious and fortuitous. Interesting things may happen this month without planning, especially for men. Women this month may be subjected to extramarital affairs. Be careful. Place an amethyst geode by your bed for marital bliss. Don’t flirt this month with married men. And men, don’t be stupid and fall for a flirtation that can ruin your life. Dogs and Pigs need to be especially careful. Place a family picture in the Northwest this month. Place no pictures of single women in the NW. Place rose quartz and tourmaline to stabilize and ground your marriage. Single men and women may find themselves In fleeting relationships this month. Forewarned is forearmed. Be smart with your body and mind. Trust your first instinct. Don’t listen to monkey chatter.

The NW is symbolic of teachers, mentors, and spiritual guides. It also symbolized Astro travel,  as well as physical travel. In this area, place your deity to stay on track morally. You can also place travel brochures here to help manifest future travel. 

The #5 of instability goes to the west, this month. Place salt water adjustment in the west. The rooster must be careful of accidents and injuries and protect their health and money. Place salt at the west-facing front door. You can sprinkle it under the doormat. 

The #6 goes to the Northeast making the Ox and Tiger and Northeast very auspicious. So much windfall luck. Buy that lottery ticket. Place a windchime, music box,  or clock here to move the energy. Keep this area active. 

The South will have a tendency toward money loss and con man energy. Place the blue water detergent water. Do no paperwork in the South this month. Do paperwork in the Northeast. Pull back all reds from the South this month or balance it with water and blues. 

North becomes very auspicious this month. The rat and north-facing homes may see an increase in money. You may place water or anything symbolizing water such as ships, tortoises, frogs, fish, etc. in the north this month.  Buy that lottery ticket. But do so sensibly. 

The Southwest is very dangerous this month for sickness, accident, and injury. Place added water and salt to this area. The two star may also affect relationships.  Place a metal wu-lou, longevity cranes, and pictures of a mountain here to provide grounding.  Get your sleep, exercise, and eat right. 

The East has the victory star fly to this space. This is good for new pursuits.  This combo energy is creative and manifesting. Get a plan. Put a vision board in the east. You can place still water or a small fountain here to move energy.  Because the area is ruled by wood, you may place prayer flags or a wind horse in the East. 

The Southeast receives the #2 star for accident and injury this month. Like the Southwest, place added water and salt to this area. The #2 star may also affect relationships.  Place a metal wu-lou, longevity cranes, and pictures of a mountain here to provide grounding.  Get your sleep, exercise, and eat right.  Married women need to watch out for promiscuous men. Place a geode in the Southeast of your bedroom.

This month… could be hectic filled with conflict and accidents. Be kind and diplomatic no matter your animal sign. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Stay safe. Be mindful of your surroundings. See you next month!! 

God bless you! 

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