Preparing for the New Year

The New Year is coming. A new decade is coming. A new animal cycle beginning with the Metal Rat is coming. Be prepared. This means –out with the old and in with the new. The Mayan culture would burn all belongings and start over. In China, noise is made to root out the darkness. (sound therapy. )  In Thailand, guns were fired to scare off demons. In America, we make sound like firecrackers to celebrate  the old and welcome in  the New Year. 

This year,  make a resolution to LET GO… let go of all grudges and anger that serve no one. Withholding love to prove a point or to nurture your ego is childish. Miscommunications  and jealousy  are usually the source of hurt and separation. Criticism wounds the soul. All these  emotions hurt you as much as the people you project them too. They only create more karma and on going pain. Separate yourself from the pain. If you must, physically remove yourself from the energy. Make the amends you can and let go of the ones you can’t  control. Sometimes you will never get the apology or approval that you need, but you can apologize to yourself for holding out the energy for it and then release it to the old decade. Take a breath and release the old vows of poverty, obligation, and unhappiness. Replace that thought with abundance, joy, and happiness in all you do.

This year make the promise to yourself to  forgive other of their trespasses against you and  ask that they forgive your trespasses against them. Make amends. Write a spirit letter of forgiveness and apology  and burn it on New Year’s eve. Clean the slate. Then sit back and let the results unfold. It may surprise you the love it sends back to you ten fold. 

Gratitude and forgiveness are the only true forms of loves. Love and approval are all we wish we had from others. If we could all practice that, what a wonderful world next year can be. 

Secondly, start cleaning your home. Get rid of all things you no longer need or use. Give them to a charity or homeless shelter. The YWCA, a battered women’s shelter, is usually looking for items to help others to begin anew. 

Let go of old paradigms of who you are. In order to do so you must detach from the old– you identify with. Change up your hairstyle, your clothing style, even the glasses on your face. Change up the color scheme in your home.

I personally love to shop vintage shops.   Many vintage shops have very nice items at a reasonable costs. You don’t have to spend big bucks to look like you do!! 😉 Shop smarter, shop sales, use coupons, and websites that offer discounts. I never pay full price. 

Change your thoughts to match your dreams. I tell people to ‘fake it until you make it.’ Some have misinterpreted that  statement wrongly. I’m not telling people to be fake. I am telling them to practice being the best they can be. If you want to be a Doctor, you have to go to school and study and practice. You have to start thinking like a doctor before you ever will be one.   The process comes with time.

This mentality can be applied to anything you do. To be in a good relationship, you must start acting like a good partner, so that when you arrive at the relationship, it is habit. And then you don’t get hoodwinked by a bad relationship because you have already seen your good one in your mind’s eye. Settle for nothing less. 

If you wish to be a millionaire. Start thinking like a millionaire. Start having a good relationship to money. Don’t be afraid of it. Money has ebb and flow. Most millionaires are philanthropists and give a lot of money away…contrary to popular belief. They support a lot of people. Get rid of the hoarding fear mentality toward money and realize it will ebb and flow. Like a swing, when you push it away, it will come back. As you give money away, it comes back with as much speed as it is given away. The ocean tides ebb and flow. It is the flow of nature. You are the flow of nature.  As you pay your bills, see your money as supporting others. Don’t be resentful. You used the product. You pay for it. Your money keeps the world moving. With gratitude say…thank you and you’re welcome. 

Pay your bills on time. Try to pay off all bills by the Chinese New Year, February 4th. Don’t wait until the last minute to pay. Get in the habit of paying in advance. That way you receive in advance. What you give, you receive in the same manner. So if you are grouchy giving, you will get grouchy receiving. Be grateful for everything given to you  the universe and God. 

If you wish to be healthy, stop talking about disease and start talking and doing more to be healthy. Exercise, eat right, and rest. Make your health the priority, not the illness.

Life is a miracle. Thank you!! Happy New Year. 2020 Promises to be more stable and happy.

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