The Year of the Feminine Yin Metal Ox

Wow, was 2020, the Year of the Rat, a wild ride or what??!! 

The GOOD NEWS…the year is over!!! The Rat is leaving!! The Feminine Ox is being loaded into the chute gate to be released on December 21, 2020, on the Winter solstice.

Last year when I wrote my prophecy for 2020, I had no idea how eerily close I would be to the truth. Here it is from last year. In hindsight, it is so clear…now!! 

Excerpt:  [In the Metal Rat year, like metal, people may feel falsely empowered and bulletproof. Remember, what goes up, must come down. Stay humble to avoid karma.

This year (2020) is strong for those born in the Dragon and Monkey years. In 2020, the secret friend energy of the Ox will teach people how to stay grounded, loyal, and faithful. The Rat clashes with the Horse’s energy of independence and freethinking. Be prepared for clashes of control between people who don’t toe the line and those who expect it. The Rat likes a controlled environment, while the horse hates to be corralled. We all will feel as though someone is pulling at our reins, trying to stop our power. We may all find ourselves frustrated with confining thoughts and actions– mentally, physically, and spiritually. This year people will have to fight the norm and step out of the comfort zone]  End excerpt. 

In the review of the year, rats carry disease, and metal is associated with the lungs—hence…CoVid!! Not only did we have the aspect of a physically debilitating illness, but also experienced a mentally and spiritually draining result of the illness that has caused stress and raised the suicide rate. The CoVid restrictions by the government brought physical restraint and control to the masses. We felt powerless to the government mandates, as well as the disease. We were confined. Many people rebelled and revolted and we are still trying to reclaim freedoms taken away.

The #7, influenced by ego and known for legal matters, violence, con games, and playing dirty, was located in the middle of the universal blueprint for 2020 and brought out the worst in the year and exposed the dirty rats. On top of that, the #7 was also located over the United States and Washington DC. Explains a lot huh? 

We saw extreme violence in the inner cities and violence and opposition between different factions of society; each group believing they were right and bulletproof. This behavior serves no one. Too many were screaming and no one listening.

Sadly, last year showed us how debased the voting system of the United States has become over the years. As the world was watching, the security of the system was being questioned. The scrutiny tarnished any winner. There are still so many questionable lies, secrets, and deceptions around the elections and politics, some of which still need to be sorted out. Legal matters are being implements. The year of the Rat 2020 proved to be a year of cheating and playing dirty. Not cool!!

The GOOD NEWS…the year is over!!! The Rat is leaving!! The Feminine Ox is being loaded into the chute gate to be released on December 21, 2020, on the Winter solstice. This year could be a polar opposite year of last year. The Rat’s influence starts moving out in the winter months and the Ox will start to plod in. “Slow and easy” will be the mantra for the year. The Rat’s influence can still be felt between now and the Chinese New Year, but the influence will weaken with each day as the Ox energy emerges.

Feng Shui knowledge helps to become consciously aware of what’s going on around you and how those symbols and signs around you may be affecting your mental well-being and physical body.  Are they negative or are they positive?  Feng Shui uses symbols and signs that place our mind and body in a place of positivity.  The mind subconsciously picks up on these meanings and sends messages to the rest of the body to react in a positive way.  In contrast, a  depressed mind or space left unchanged will eventually send so many distressing signals to the body that the body becomes overloaded and will have to work harder to maintain homeostasis. 

Homeostasis is the stability between interdependent elements for physiological well-being.  Feng shui finds a balance within those elements.   Organizing your life and cleaning up your act is a great place to balance the mind, body, and spirit.  Make a commitment to self to rest when needed, sleep at least 7-8 hours a night, eat right, exercise moderately,  and drink plenty of water to hydrate. Do all things in moderation.  Drink less alcohol, smoke less, or quit and remove yourself from toxic family and friends,  who disrespect who you are.  Anything in excess, even exercise,  has been proven to stress the body and cause inflammation. Find an exercise routine that works for you and your appropriate age. Most injury occurs because people won’t accept their body’s changing needs. If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will have to make time for your illness. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor but check with your health care provider for direction on exercise. 

This is a great year to start a new beginning and do it –slow and easy. This year,  the Ox energy is a BALANCE of the Yin and Yang and associated with thought and caring. Thoughts become matter. Thoughts shape our being. Thoughts matter!! You are what you think, so start thinking bigger and meditate more for direction and accomplishment. The Ox is an animal associated with tenacity and getting the job done. 

Ox is the element of Earth and has a strong need for grounding and security. Rat is associated with the water element and last year that energy felt as though it was all over the place. The Ox is the second of the animals in the zodiac and rules physical power and endurance. The Rat uses others to gain power. The Ox is located in the direction of NE1 and is considered to be a leader and a devoted friend. 

After the year we had last year, nothing is a “given” this year. This year will require work and resolve to get upright again. But stay the course. The strength and endurance of the Ox will see you through.

This year, the Four Pillar Chart of the year is missing fire and low on wood. Place prayer flags and wind horses around your home and property. Add wood– such as plants and trees to your abode, especially to the East. Add wind objects such as whirly gigs and wind catchers and bamboo wind chimes in all directions to stimulate the chi energy of the year. On your desk, you can place the waving money kitty to move energy. 

Also on everyone’s front door, put a red envelope with the Sigil symbol with the words OH AH Hum on it with  Chinese coins, gold coins,  or dollar bills of some kind. This protects the house and welcomes in prosperity. Then put anything else in the envelope that brings happiness and prosperity to mind. 

This year, fortunately, the #6 of the Heavenly influence flies to the center of the universal blueprint. This year will be a divinely driven and a year where your destiny and fate will play out. Instead of man’s ego, God is in charge this year. Listen to the flow of your intuition. Listen to your inner guidance.  Dare to stray from the herd. Set your cart on the right path. Blaze a trail you always wanted to. This year, stay the course. Ox’s tenacity and hard work will get you there. The Ox paves the way for others to follow. However, he does work best while in a team, hence the yoke. Teamwork this year is recommended, over isolation. This is the year to be ‘we’ based instead of ‘me’ based. Things will go smoother working as a team and in the community for combined advice and wisdom. 

The Ox year will prove to be faithful and honest and people will be more willing to compromise. The year may be more stable and solid in many ways, but not without some bumps and obstacles. People are resetting after a horrible year of confinement.

Since Ox is a beast of burden, there may be a desire to please. The Ox personality is very reliable, loyal, thorough, and makes an excellent partner. Because of the Ox’s reliable tendencies, this year some people may try to take advantage of the good nature of the year. This year, do not take on too much work or responsibility or other people’s responsibility. Tell them to step up. Learn to say “NO” when feeling overwhelmed or overburdened. Delegate.

The Ox is usually calm, but when upset can become very stubborn. Stay calm…don’t panic. Don’t poke the bull!! The Ox has a mind of its own and should not be crossed when upset. 

The Ox is most relaxed when settled in a secure and happy environment. People may find staycations are preferred to travel this year. They hate upheaval or change and inconvenience. 

The Ox personality hates conflict and tries to be the peacemaker, sometimes at their own expense. If you find this happening to you—Stop it. It is not always your burden to bear. It is not your job to make others happy or content. Make others take responsibility for their own stuff.

This is a year of discovering YOUR personal power. Nothing will be given freely. It is the year when everyone must pull their own wagon. If you want to ride in another’s wagon, you may end up where you don’t want to be. Show up, be accountable for your own life and decisions. Make YOUR life count.

For  #6  a Heaven star in the center of the universal blueprint this year, place a Heavenly deity, such as Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, or the Madonna in the CENTER of the home for Heaven luck. Place prayer mantras in the center as well. Use purple in the center of the home. The colors,  purple and gold are associated with the Heavenly realm.  You may also place metal coins here for prosperity or advancement luck in business. 

Sadly the #7 star, influenced by ego and known for legal matters, violence, con games, and playing dirty flies to the NW of the patriarch, in 2021. This year, men may still be in an uncomfortable, contentious way. We may see world leaders still jockeying for positions of power using unhanded methods to get their way. However, the NW is a spiritual sector, and anything that happens this year will be destiny, as well. The patriarch of the home may be challenged. A Blue Dragon may be placed in the NW to remind the patriarch of his hidden power.  This year rely on patience and humor to get you through.   Since #7 also includes legal matters, read all contracts carefully, and hire a legal team if necessary. 

Place salt and water in a large vase in the NW of your home to soften or weaken this aspect of uncertainty by the #7.  The larger the better!! A salt candle, lamp, or light bulb in the center of the home will also suffice with the vase of water. This helps to absorb the negativity.  Do not lose your head to temper. When faced with the Queen of Heart’s attitude and aggression….  “Keep your head.”  Add Sigil to this area,  as well.  When #7 is in perfect balance, where the ego meets the spirit, it can be a number of Wisdom and Spiritual enlightenment. That is a goal to strive for.  

The Wealth star #8 of profit flies to the West this year and meets the General Star of power and leadership qualities. This means the West direction of your home or Rooster person will be empowered this year.  This aspect can mean promotions. In the West, place a ship,  money, citrines, and metal wealth items, as well as any achievement goals you wish to meet, this year. Make a vision board and manifest it in the West!! Remember—tenacity and hard work. 

The women sector of the Southwest sector this year is in conflict. Women may feel defensive this year. Please remember: No one can make you feel any way– THEY  want– without YOUR permission. “Act as if and you will be”!! 

The Southwest, however, has a Heaven seal, as well as the completion of the 3/6/9 numbers  –in unison from the Southwest-center-Northeast of the universal blueprint. The 3/6/9 are Goddess energy. Place your Goddess altar in this area for more personal power.  Place a Golden Goddess Deity such as Kwan Yin, the  Tara Goddesses, Mother Mary, or Mary Magdalene here—or any woman deity of your choice that you aspire to. But, be careful who you worship??? 

Place a red carpet or red laughing Buddha in the area for peace. Place a bowl of red apples in the SW to symbolize peace,  gratitude, and giving energy.  Red happiness knots are good in the Southwest this year,  as well. 

The South and the Horse this year are gifted from above by good fortune and new beginnings. The South has two auspicious stars in the sector,  as well as a Golden Deity star. The annual #1 stars combine with the annual  #6 blueprint star in the center making it a Ho-Tu number of auspicious nature.  1/6 combines to make water which signifies money. Place a Golden Deity of either male or female, a tribute horse, water, music boxes, and prayer flags in the South to activate and move energy. Make a vision board of the things you hope to aspire to. Water is the wealthy element of the Fire Energy of the South. Use extra lighting this year to activate,  as well. 

Tribute Horse
Lore says:
When the Horses arrive, success arrives with them!

The Southeast encounters the #5 star of instability. However, the good news, the Southeast is a wood area and that aspect will buffer the harsh energy of the #5. Place Saltwater or salt lamps in the Southeast to stabilize. Place the color purple and plants to uplift the wood energy to buffer the #5.  Add Sigil. Peacock feathers. Snake and Dragon should active the SE3 /S area of the blueprint to capture the energy of the auspicious horse this year.  The Ox is the Snake’s friend. Place a golden Ox in this area for mentor help in business and achievement.

The East has the Heaven star of love, relationship, scholastic enhancement.  Place 4 bamboos in a vase of water with rose quartz, crystal stones, and citrine in the East this year for relationships and abundance.  Go big or go home. For academic success, study with raw crystal stones in the East sector of a room or home. Crystals activate the brain.  Place  plants and water to buffer the aspects any of negative energy coming from the Three Killings energy. Avoid facing the West this year. Always have an eye on the energy of the  Three killings by facing the East.  You may also place three powerful protection deities facing East, of either the Pi Yao, the Chi Lin, and the Fu Dog, in front of a large plant and vase of water to shift the energy. Believe it or not….energy is strong. Place Sigil in this area. 

Chi Luns

The Northeast this year wins the star of victory, celebration, and expansion. Place items of fortune in the Northeast with extra lighting for victory, promotions, and celebrations.  Place the Pi Yao with his back to the Northeast as the protectors of the home.

The North holds some energy for illness, accident, and injury this year. Place a Blue Medicine Buddha or Jesus or metal Wu-Lou in the North.   This area can be cold, so yang it up with plants and life force. 

Blue Medicine Buddha

This year focus on your intuition and let it guide you. The mind can’t hold opposing ideas. Fear and faith are opposing ideas. CHOOSE FAITH! 

Namaste! And may you flow easily and gently through the year.

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