What does September Hold For You? September Feng Shui Aspects.

Aspects for September

My apologies for the late update. My world has been busy and complicated. 

Man…the Hungry Ghost month of August was brutal. There were so many death and accidents and strange occurrences that affected so many last month. God Bless the Queen of England. My own brother-in-law had a fatal accident on August 12,th,  the day of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Fate or coincidence? 

You can poo-poo the predictions all you want –but at the end of the day, I feel forewarned is forearmed.  I pay attention to the energy aspects and pay attention to my own speed of the soul visions. 

This month of September may still be a bit of a stinker. The Center star of the five of instability is still strong and active causing much confusion and chaos worldwide. Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Look around, research, and make your own assessments based on your own intuition. Read the news. It seems contentment has been replaced by uncertainty and many half-truths. Look for all the story, not only the part you want to see or agree with. “The Rest of the Story”, as Paul Harvey used to say,  is where the truth lies.  Paul Harvey was an amazing journalist because he was a true investigative reporter who studied all the facts before reporting them. That’s journalism. The rest is gossip. 

Gratefully, this month the love star flies to the center of the universe weakening the energy of earth #5. The wood meets the earth causing the earth to part, loosening its grip on the center.  Place extra wood in this area. Plants are the desired adjustment but if you struggle to grow plants, place blooms or silk flowers. Buy yourself flowers this month. Remind yourself, that you are in love with yourself and life. Flowers symbolize the living. Love grows. Wood symbolizes growth. Continue to check your saltwater placement and make sure the water is clean and clear. If not–dump it, start over. Place pictures of your loved ones in the center this month with a spiritual deity to call in the energy of the heavens. Promote love, not anger. 

The Northwest this month will be unstable. The ugly monthly five-star of instability resides there through September. Since this sector is ruled by metal, the energy will be less affected. However, continue to place salt crystals, a bowl of salt or salt water in the Northwest this month to help eat away at the added earth energy. Metal areas affected by negative flying stars may be plagued with lung and skin issues. We may see an uptake in the flu or Covid this month.  If your bedroom or office is in the Northwest, you may wish to sleep or work in some other area of the home if you find yourself getting tired and ill. You may wish to add oxygen drops to your water bottle for that extra insurance. To protect your money, place the metal sword for more protection. This month, patriarchs need to be careful of their health.  Place a metal wu lou in this area to protect health. Place peacock feathers to fan away the energy. 

This month the West is full of opportunity and power. Money can be made from internet opportunities.  However, be careful of contracts. Read the fine print. Assume nothing. The Rooster will be stronger this month. Bonuses to do money could be in the wind.  s

Place metal, such as a windchime in the West to activate the energy. Display the number 6. Numerology is strong this month. The combo of 6 and 7 can bring windfall money. It signifies money through legal channels. Be smart, take calculated risks, but be cautious of the conman. Don’t be a chump and fall for the scam. 

The Northeast also has a number of the conman, lies, secrets, and deceptions. The prediction of the West applies as well to the Northeast this month. The Ox and Tiger will be over extended with legal matters. Read all paperwork thoroughly.  Get a second opinion.  Place a saltwater/ detergent in the Northeast of your home. If your house faces Northeast, place a blue lightbulb in the porch light. However, increases in money are possible. Place your balls of gold and citrine to activate this area. You may also use small running or still water. 

The wealth star goes to the South bringing wealth to the Horse and the South facing houses or offices. Place a vision board or your manifest list in the South this month. Do your creative work, such as writing or painting in the South. Say to yourself, “ I accept all the good the universe has to offer me. Amen.”  Believe it will happen. And let it happen. Get out of your own head and way. Be open to any oddity of possibilities the universe may place in front of you. You may also put a red bulb in your porch light this month to activate the wealth. If the energy feels too high, pull it back. Change the bulb back to white. 

The second wealth and promotion star go to North, this month.  The auspicious sum of ten resides in the North this month. Place a vision in the North if you wish. Place pennies and dimes in this area. Be careful of over celebrating and indulgence. Get your rest and eat right. Take your vitamins.  You may also place small water with extra lighting this month. Leave the front porch light burning, if facing North.  You may put a blue or red bulb in the North this month. If the energy feels too high, pull it back. Change the bulb back to white. 

The opportunity star flies into the Southwest this month. The Southwest is the women, Monkey, and Sheep’s sector. The water star weakens the illness star. Keep your wu lou or Medicine Blue Buddha in this sector. For opportunities, place small water and prayer flags. Women may also put a manifestation to-do list in this sector to inspire and motivate. 

The illness star flies to the East and family sector this month. We may see many family members pass this month due to accidents and injuries. The wood/water combo is ungrounded, careless, and reckless. The abyss.  Be careful. These two elements together can cause one to feel ADD or scattered. However, these two can also cause a form of memory loss due to too much going on.  Pack the Sigil symbol with you and the words Oh Ah Hum in your car or purse. Place a wu lou. Be careful of too much red in the East. Pull back the red this month. Add metal instead. A silver or gold Buddha. Place a metal wu lou in the East to absorb the energy. Especially by your bed if sleeping in the East. 

The conflict star flies to the Southeast meeting the romance star causing havoc to romantic situations. The snake and dragon especially need to watch out for betrayal or extramarital affairs temptations. Break-ups are strong this month. This month place a spiritual deity, Kwan Yin, Buddha, Jesus, and Mother Mary in the Southeast and pray for guidance involving any professional, friend, or family member problems.  Place pink in the Southeast to absorb the combative energy. Don’t make rash decisions about relationships this month. Smile, walk away, and work through it next month. 

I wish you a fabulous month. See you next month!! Love Mary 

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