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The Year of the Yang Water Tiger

This year could be a year of jockeying for dominance. The year 2022 began with three tigers in the Paht Chee chart; all full of Yang elements.  The original flying stars sigil, the ideal order of the universe, goes home to its original lo-shu square sectors this year. This could mean the year could be the best of times and the worst of times, which is needed to restore balance.

The last time the original lo-shu  sectors lined up was 2013 in the year of the Water Snake. That year the Boston Marathon bombing occurred, Edward Snowden scandal, social media and selfies became a thing with many high profile people getting involved, gay marriage divided the country, and the Trayvon Martin killing occurred  with Zimmerman found not guilty causing many to erupt into violence before and after the verdict. The year  2013, as a water year,  brought horrendous weather in the form of hurricanes and tornados.  Wildfire also blazed during the summer.

Typically, Water Tiger years also brings natural disasters. A coupling with this year’s high water and wood could signify more  disasters associated  with wind and water. We may see tornados, hurricanes, flooding, tsunamis, mud slides, and excessive winds. Water energy  is highly intuitional and psychic. This year, listen to your inner voice and your gut. Pay attention to all premonitions. You are probably gauging it right.

The water element is considered wealth. There are many chances to make money this year. Take calculated risks but do your homework on any investment. Alchemy of money is created by the mind.
The Yang Tiger is masculine energy. The tiger is a solitary creature. Since three tigers are in the Paht Chee, we may see a struggle for power in threes. Masculine ego overload.  This aspect may affect three countries, three people,  such as affairs in a marriage, corporations, etc. Gratefully, being water energy, it may  be more mental than physical—mind games, threats, and posturing, but the aspects are still there for power struggles.

The last Water Tiger was in the 1960’s and the cold war era. A lot of mind games were played. In 1960, John F Kennedy was elected president. OPEC was formed. Vietnam war begin with American troops sent overseas.   And interestingly enough, Lucille Ball divorced Desi Arnez. Was it  possibly a jockeying for position of power?

Tiger is associated with the element of Wood with hidden resources of Fire and Earth. This year the pillars have an abundance of water and wood with very little metal and fire. The day pillar is Yang Earth Rat.
This year add extra lighting to your home.  On everyone  front door, place a red envelope with the Sigil symbol with the words OH AH Hum on it with Chinese coins, gold coins, or dollar bills of some kind. This protects the house and welcomes in prosperity. Then put anything else in the envelope that brings happiness and prosperity to mind.

Place salt water in the center of the home with metal objects or statues to offset the instability of the energy of the center of the ba-gua.
East, Center, and West are the inauspicious directions this year. Place salt water in Center and West and place a red mandala, red happiness knot, or red Buddha in the east to calm energy.

In the NE place your money and wealth aspirations. In the North, place water and career goals. In the South place lighting and movement  as a jellyfish lamps, lava lamps, up lighting, horses, and prayer flags. Place mementos in this area that you are aspiring too. The South is the area for promotion and expansion, as well as victory and celebration.

In the Southwest, place the health Wu Lou or a picture of the Blue Medicine Buddha. In the In the Northwest, place extra metal to uplift the energy of the patriarch and offset the yin energy this year occurring there. Longevity cranes work well here. In the Southeast place your family pictures for great communication and love. Use this area for academic achievement as well. Place your studies here.

The Southeast, Center, and Northwest of 4, 5, and 6 form a lucky pearl string. The Southwest, Center, and Northeast of 2,5 and 8 form a lucky parent string. This areas are good for home facing those directions as well as manifesting in the center and visualizing your energy expanding in both directions. All numbers in the Lou-shu square add up to 15 making it a magic square this year. The Tiger will help to balance it.

As the monthly flying stars go through a sector the energy is affected. For more info on the Monthly flying stars and Tiger  energy with Feng Shui recommended adjustments throughout the year, go to to my blog

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