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The Year of the Metal Rat 2020

The New Year of the Metal Rat is upon us.  2020 is the beginning of a new zodiac cycle and looks promising for prosperity and business ventures.

The Rat holds the first position of material wealth and power in the Chinese Zodiac, but also the title of the Master of Deception.  On the day of the great race, called forth by the Yellow Emperor, the Rat deceived the Emperor and rode on the back of the Ox to the finish line. At the finish line, he jumped off, ahead of the Ox, to become first to finish the race; therefore giving him the first position of the zodiac and Ox second.  The Rat rules the direction of the North (1-2-3) and is associated with Water. The Rat exhibits both qualities of the Yin and Yang and may present with a split-personality.  They sometimes can be trusted and other times, they can’t be trusted.  Be smart enough to know the difference.

The Rat hour of 11pm–1am is considered the Midnight hour of Good andchinese garden
Evil. An hour before midnight is the clearing hour and an hour afterward is the manifesting hour. The Rat holds the key and energy of both, as well as encompassing an hour of different days. The Rat also has four fingers on his front paws (Yin) and five toes on his back. (Yang)

The Rat is smart, ambitious, and successful, but unfortunately can resort to unscrupulous measures to make it happen.  They may have a tendency to lie to get what they want. They tend to be lazy and lackadaisical over things of no interest to them. Be clear and precise when dealing with the Rat, as misinterpretations can be perceived. Ask the right questions.  The rat can tangle the truth.

A life challenge for the Rat is to overcome inner fears and insecurities.  They prefer a few friends to many and can become very resentful when left out or scorned.  They tend to compare themselves to others and get jealous easily, but will never show it. 

In the Metal Rat year, like metal, people may feel falsely empowered and bulletproof. Remember, what goes up, must come down. Stay humble to avoid karma.

This year is strong for those born in the Dragon and Monkey years.   In 2020, the secret friend energy of the Ox, will teach people how to stay grounded, loyal, and faithful. The Rat clashes with the horse energy of independence and freethinking.  Be prepared for clashes of control between people who don’t tow the line and those who expect it. The Rat likes a controlled environment, where the horse hates to be corralled.  We all will feel at though someone is pulling at our reins, trying to stop our power.  We may all find ourselves frustrated with confining thoughts and actions-- mentally, physically, and spiritually. This year people will have to fight the norm and step out of the comfort zone.

The year 2020 could be a year of conflicts and con men with the legal star in the center of the ba-gua. Friends, families and businesses will be affected. This year rely on patience and humor to get you through.  Have all contracts read by your legal team.  Place salt and water in a large vase in the center of your home to soften this aspect. A salt candle, lamp, or light bulb in the center of the home will also suffice with the vase of water. This helps to absorb the negativity.  Do not lose your head to temper. When faced with the Queen of Heart’s attitude and aggression….
“Keep your Head”

The good news is that with the #8 of profit in the patriarchal sector of the Northwest. This means the man or father figure will be empowered this year and better decisions can be made in calmer, more stable manner.  Place money, citrines, and metal wealth items in the Northwest this year. We will see a more traditional approach to life.

Woman have the #4 for nurturing in the Southwest sector this year.  We may see the harsh side of women soften this year. For love, place pink peonies around the Southwest of sector home or room. This year,  being high in metal element and the pig’s inherent water nature,  may bring sexual desire and tension with love in abundance. Be careful.  The players are out this year for the vulnerable. The year is ripe for extra martial affairs and promiscuous behavior.  Don’t get caught with your pants down. To appease this aspect, place an amethyst geode by your marital bed.

Place 4 bamboos in a vase of water with rose quartz, crystal stones, and citrine in the Southwest this year for relationships and abundance.  Go big or go home. For academic success, study with raw crystal stones in the Southwest sector of a room or home. Crystals activate the brain.

Place items of fortune in the West with extra lighting for victory, promotions and celebrations.  Place a red carpet or red laughing Buddha in the North for peace. And place 6 coins tied to a red string and a Heavenly deity, such as the Jade Emperor, Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin or the Madonna in the Southeast for Heaven luck.

In the East, place salt water or salt lamp to stabilize family conflicts.  The South holds some energy for illness, accident and injury this year. Place a Blue Medicine Buddha or Jesus or metal Wulou in the South.

The new beginning star is located in the Northeast this year. Place water and prayer flags in the Northeast to activate and move energy. Make a vision board of the things you hope to aspire too.

The Year will be interesting with much duality. Stay focused on the positive and let the rest go. The rest is probably not your business anyway. Don’t make it so.

Namaste! And may you flow easily and gently through the year.



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